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2017 Dec / 2018 Jan applicants !ONLY!

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by leolea, May 27, 2019.

  1. I got first ghost update in second week of june.. Anyone got first gu in second week and still waiting for extension
  2. Anyone else in similar situation
  3. a lot of people.
    Do not worry about that.
    I am a Jan 08 - 2018 applicants,
    June 07 - 2019 GU (only first)
    still nothing after that.

    some of my co-workers Nov,Dec 2017 are still waiting.
  4. What really?! And do you have dependents? Also your go workers are single?
  5. I'm still waiting. I'm Nov 2017 with 2 dependents
  6. Dependents are no matter.
    I have one dependent (my wife)
    She works in Canada with me

    and one co-worker is single, my friend has 4 member of family.
    Just It depends on Officer at CIC.
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  7. 17th month today! happy stampede day everybody, hope January 2018 get good news this week!
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  8. Very slow end of the week. Hoping next week we get the final good news.
  9. very slow indeed, anyway you guys are closing in on your 18month, i really hope and pray that you get DM/PPR this coming days. wether its fair or not for us ealry applicants , we cant really do nothing much about it but to just keep ourselves busy and wait patiently.
  10. Another week ladies and gentlemen. Hope we all have a great weekend and wake up Monday with a PPR. Cheers!
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  11. Here is my timeline

    File Received: December 18, 2017
    AOR: February 10, 2018
    Pre-Arrival Service Letter: May 19, 2018
    Medical Request: May 23, 2018
    Medical Passed: June 7, 2018
    GU : June 5,2019

    As per last call today, here is the status:-

    Security Check - Not started
    Medical Expired - Not yet extended

    Please provide your timelines and suggestion how long they will go at the max in terms of months....
  12. I'm seriously wondering what is happening with medical extensions.. it's been more than 3 weeks still not extend.. Everything else is passed.. even December applicants got their medical externded on second or third week.. So stressed and hopeless..
  13. They extended mine in 4 weeks.. i called them everyday until they extended em.
  14. You are lucky I am calling them from so let bg yet not extended expired on 19 May and update on 5 th June
  15. When you next call them tell them if medical is not extended in 3 weeks don't they send a reminder to ottawa.. I think they sent a reminder in my case.

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