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2014 RQ Applicants

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by hasan777, Mar 4, 2015.

  1. Still waiting for the oath... 2 years and 2 months gone... Any new 2014 RQers completed the process yet?
  2. Any updates guys? I am still waiting for almost 3 years now! :( is the 36 month processing timeline for RQ applicants still valid? Is there anyone waiting for over 36 months?
  3. Yes ..... applied March 2014, RQed and took the test June 2015 with 20/20 score.
    No update till now.
    MP says background check is going on. Don't know how long it is going to be.....
  4. Hi you already a citizen as per your signature. I got DM on Dec 24 2016 so I guess I should get my oath letter within Jan?
  5. My office is Montreal, you're in Edmonton... Mileage may vary.

    As per my experience and plenty of ATIPs, when you hit DM there are two things needed to finalize your app: Any expired clearances and queues for oath ceremonies, assuming of course that the answer is positive. My timeline was inline with Montreal applicants (1-1.5 months wait).

    Check other Edmonton people who recently got their DM and oath time, that may give you a reasonable estimate.

    Best of luck!
  6. same here as cruical.
    Applied in March 2014, RQ that summer. Test August 2016. Passed.
    ATIP says: RQ and supporting documents reviewed. No concerns regarding residency . FOSS under review. FOSS set to "BF Under Review". File on hold. (09/2016)

    MP says they are doing more verifications, but I think they are not telling the MP everything.

    Looks like I am stuck on FOSS, which should have taken them no more than a few minutes to clear back in 2014?!?.
  7. This whole process is so opaque! no one gives you any meaningful information. MP did not even reply to my email. IRCC comes back with generic meaningless answers. ATIP has all the meaningful information blacked out and according to it all the clearances already obtained have expired now 34 months after application!! there is no service standard no recourse to this highly inefficient and exasperating process except for spending thousands of dollars on lawyers to go for mandamus.

    I know its not a right to be granted citizenship but having paid full processing fee it is the applicants right to have his application processed in a reasonable time whatever the outcome might be!

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