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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by solomonwise, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. They are creating pool of candidates who are ready to move to NS. In future if they require skilled worker employers and govt can pick candidates from pool. It looks to me like EOI only.. I may be wrong but this is my guess
  2. I'm trying to fill the personal history part of Schedule A and got a question about filling in all activities during past 10 years:-

    If during the past 10 years, I worked in one company and each year I have annual leave for vacations, do I have to put in all those period I went out of my country for vacation trips??
  3. The Community Identified Stream has been replaced with the new Regional Labour Market Demand stream. So it is not EOI.

    EOI looks like copy of Australia Immigration process. Because if you are software engineer and having more than 7 Bands in IELTS then you can directly apply through Australia Skill Worker category.

    Canada is far behind than Australia Immigration which is fastest one in the world. Right people will get PR within one year. If you looks into Canadian Immigration then most people will get PR around 18 to 24 months ( Except skilled worker who are in Canada).

  4. hello

    i putted a file to nsnp scheme. but now i want to put a file as a student in canada?

    can anybody say that am i eligible to put a file or not ? on a student visa...i got 6.5 in each academic module but i putted a file for nsnp . so i m afraid that they accepr my student file ?

    please reply any one.. thanks
  5. There are few lines given in NSNP allication to write below this text"In your own words, tell us briefly about your settlement in Nova Scotia and any future plans you may have."

    Is this space to write settlement ?

    and we see settlement plan template is given in nsnp guide.

    which one two choose ?

    Or we shud write both?
  6. Can any one please list the all forms required to fill only for single person(only for princlipal applicat)?

    Means whos martial status is single?
  7. Read application guide doc..

  9. You should write briefly what you did in the Settlement plan
  10. I am ready to apply for this stream. Can somebody send me the courier address to send the application to Nova Scotia? The address in form NP100 and website has a PO Box# and I believe DHL or FedEx don't deliver to PO boxes.....

  11. thanks a lot for reply my friend ;)
  12. i agree my friend ,65000 is not even de cap reach for federal , so please focus in the goal and dont give missinformation at least you can proof it with official back up
  13. maybe they want to have a lot of candidates and study each one carefully , then pick out the best ones .
  14. Can i apply under the nsnp even if i have a current application under the FSW category? I just lodged my application in FSW this march.
  15. Can someone please help to answer my question above?

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