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2 year PGDM from XLRI given 1 year PGDM Canadian equivalent

Discussion in 'Education' started by swacan, Mar 6, 2019.

  1. Hi,

    I am 2 year full time PGDM from XLRI. I even submitted AICTE and AIU certfications along with my documents. My WES ECA shows Status as Recognised program, Candaian equivalence 1 year Post graduate Diploma. Shouldn't it be Masters? Anybody who had similar problem and was able to find the solution? Please guide. Should I raise the query to WES? Do they change a report
  2. Hi
    Many of us have faced similar situation in past. Although I am not from XLRI but know few from XLRI who have faced similar issues. In fact there is a committed thread by XLRI alumins on such issue.

    However wES would have recognised Masters for many similar cases in past but now they have stopped recognising Indian PGDM as Masters post June 2018. As they have changed policy and give Master to few selected IIM degree only.

    You can reply WES for your satisfaction but as per my understanding it won't help as they will reply with plain reply that we have changed our policy.. Blah blah blah...

    Anyway diff in Master and 1 yr equivalent degree is only 7 CRS points so dont worry about it much ( if your CRS is coming over 445) else try and improve your IELTS score to improve your CRS..

    Let me know if you any query
  3. Thank you for the swift reply. So for filling up CRS what should I select from the drop down? My ECA reports read :
    Bachelor's degree (four years) and postgraduate diploma (one year)
  4. For CRS calculation on the website, Enter 2 or more bachelor degree and check your score.

    Also when you are filling the form for express entry profile creation. You need to enter 1 year degree while filling master degree details.

    Let me know if you need any clarification

    Note- Be clear while filling these details in your express entry profile as you need to give explanation for any change once you get ITA based on your existing filled form.
  5. Did you try raising a query on their Facebook messenger tool sharing links of the AICTE /AIU papers? It helped in my case and they upgraded my equivalence to Masters.
  6. Can you please share more details.

    When you got the initial evaluation of "1 yr diploma" and when did you raise it. And after how many days, you got the re-evaluated report.

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