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1000 islands bridge flagpole experience

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by M__s__h, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. I went for landing at 1000 islands bridge crossing, and i want to share my experience. It was nice experience, officers on both sides were helpful, polite and quick at their work.
    Both sides i was greeted with smiling faces and casual conversations, USA officials took 10 minutes, and canadian side 15 minutes. No waiting no queues , just avoid rush hours to avoid traffic at bridge. Afternoon is good time or night. I recommend this POE to everyone avoid Niagara and Sarnia . Drive time to kingston is worth it. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the feedback! Quick question- What time did you get there? and pls can you share your application timeline and details?
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  3. I was at bridge at 10 PM. And my application timeline is ; submission:5th of july
    Message for incomplete document: 8 august. Which i uploaded within 3 days
    Ppr: 17th of october
    Posted documents:31st
    Received back: 17th Nov
    Landing done: 28 th nov
    Pr card: waiting
  4. Hello;
    Is it same kind of scenario when you drive to US for leisure of for this they ask specific questions ? Please share your detailed experience. Thanks
  5. Thank you!
  6. Yeah it is basically same. questions they ask are same too, they ask my work and adress in canada and previous USA visits details. I guess they match our answers with ones we have filed while applying for usa visa. I remember 1st question they asked purpose of visit, 2nd where i live in canada, how long i have been here, when did i visited india last, 3rd question where do i work . And officer wrote all these details on a white paper attached to yellow paper which we re supposed to hand over to officer at canadian side of border.

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