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1 year Early Renewal of Passport and Working Visa

Discussion in 'Temporary Residence in Canada (Work, Study, Visit)' started by Pkate05, Feb 2, 2019.

  1. Hello Everyone

    I just got here in canada last month and i wanted to renew my passport and it will expire next year on november 2020 and my working visa will be expire next year also on May 2020. my questions is that is it ok to renew my passport this month? please answer my problems. thank you.
  2. May I know which country you're from? If you're from India then yes, you can renew your passport even if the expiry date is more than 1 year ahead. While applying for renewal of passport, you will have to write a letter explaining to them your reason for renewing it so early. This happened to me as well and I gave them a valid reason and finally got my new renewed passport few days back :)
  3. I'm here in Canada. Thank you for the reply.
  4. No, I mean which country are you from? I know you are in Canada but which country's passport do you have?
  5. I'm from Philippines. Thank you.
  6. Oh ok, my bad then. Don't know much about Philippines. Maybe someone knowledgeable can help you out I guess. :)
  7. oh ok. Thank you so much for noticing and reply to my problems. Maybe, I'll just look for another way. If I found one. Thank you again.
  8. You're most welcome :)

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