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1 year counted from the day work permit gets approved or the day we start working?

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by gargeedesai, Dec 2, 2019.

  1. Hi, I wanted to know for CEC, the experience is counted from the day our work permit gets approved or day one of the job/ I graduated in April 2019 and started working in MAY but my work permit got approved in October. So Will I be eligible to apply in May or I have to wait till October?
  2. Work experience from the time you applied for the PGWP will be counted.
  3. Applied as in the day it got approved or the day I applied for the work permit
  4. If you already applied for the work permit when tobb i
    The day you applied.
  5. When did you apply for the PGWP?
    If you applied before you started working, then it would be the day you started working.
    If you applied after you started working, it would be the day you applied (and work experience before you applied would be unauthorized).
  6. I applied on may 18th but I've started working on May 13th itself. Because of this I was confused.
  7. You have 5 days of unauthorized work. Your qualifying period will start May 18th.

    The 5 days shouldn’t affect your application too much - just ensure that you do explain it and apologize for not understanding the rules. IRCC typically doesn’t penalize young college grads for such a short period of unauthorized work when you were clearly eligible to get a PGWP.
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