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1 bedroom for Rent in a Main Floor House. Great Scarborough Location. Internet Free. Female Only.

Discussion in 'Housing' started by bishgop, May 14, 2019 at 2:54 PM.

  1. Hello everyone,

    It's been a year since me & wife landed in Canada. We've been through the agony of renting a house (after staying in an Airbnb home for 6-7 months). Just after a few weeks, we realized Airbnb burns a hole in your pocket! We started to talk to people and looked up online to figure the rent in the area. Soon, we found out that renting in Downtown Toronto will be a distant dream unless you want to burn all your savings or you are lucky enough to find a full time job in your field (which again will take you 6-12 months or more!). More so, "Credit Check" is THE thing here! No one (mostly) will give you a house for rent unless you have a Good Canadian Credit history and/or a Full-time employment here.

    I've been lucky to find a decent job in my field in 8 months (after working as a Cashier in a Discount Store). We rented a 2BR house in Scarborough, sharing with another Airbnb colleague who had to move out a few months back as she found job in another city. You can look up the postal code M1E2X9 on Google to know ho convenient and much cheaper it is to rent a house in Scarborough. Plus, the location is really convenient and everything's around. It's such a life-saver to find eateries, groceries and great commute at this location.

    Long story short, we have 1 bedroom to rent out to a female for long-term - this means you'll not have to pay heftily to stay at an Airbnb. But what about the furnishings? You can buy a mattress online which will be delivered in 2-3 days (nicely rolled). There are shops where you can buy too. For the first two nights you can bring a duvet and a bed-sheet. Remember, it's summer time now! Also, you can buy table/chair from IKEA/Walmart/Home Depot - that'll be your own! You can use the kitchen sparingly, but there's McDonalds (24 Hours), KFC, Pizza Pizza, Popeye's, Shawarma Paradise, Chinese Restaurants, and many many more eateries at a few minutes walk!

    The rent is $600 including heat, electricity, internet. Trust me - that's a steal!

    Laundry is available & shared with other tenants. You don't have to pay extra or go to a coin laundry on the street!

    For Whom?
    We're looking to rent it out to a female from India (or Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan) only. You'll share the house with a friendly married Hindu couple (no kids). I'm from West Bengal & my wife is from Sikkim. We speak Hindi, Nepali, Bengali & English.

    Now, let me break down a few advantages to choose this house. You can look up the address on Google maps to make your own judgement.

    1. Walk 5-7 minutes to the nearest bus stops in two directions. 905, 986, 954 (express buses) and 86, 54, 116 buses take you in all directions.
    2. You can reach Kennedy Subway Station in 15 Min by bus (frequency of express buses is every 5-10 min). 3. No Frills, Food Basics is a 7 min walk.
    4. Dollarama, Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall, TD bank, CIBC, Tim Hortons ,KFC , McDonalds (Open 24 hrs), Eggsmart, Popeye's, Pizza Nova,Pizza Pizza, Starbucks, Indian & South Asian Grocery, and many many more....are located in just minutes walk.
    5. Morningside Public Library is 10 min walk. 5. Toronto Zoo, Rouge National Park, Pickering, etc. are close-by.
    6. The neighbourhood is peaceful with lots of parks around.

    Email me at bishgop@gmail.com if you are seriously interested.
    MUST: No smoking in any form. No alcohol. No loud music/sound. Cleanliness. Professionalism.

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