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    Dreaded Recommend Pass

    first time i've heard of this. probably security screening?
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    Promotion Update

    why would you do that?
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    I cannot ask for a letter of recommendation from my current employer

    do you need it for points? you just joined so it doesn't seem to be adding much. if you have 3 years of experience without them then no need to get a letter
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    sibling documents

    yes that's what i said, i was replying to the guy who said they're not on it. please read which post i'm replying to
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    My job letter is fake or real

    + you didn't even apply to it, right?
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    got job offer in canada , wanna make sure if it's true or scam

    Stop getting scammed people!! Fake!
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    My job letter is fake or real

    How are you guys still falling for these
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    Change of address

    there's a webform on the cic site to inform of anychange or upload docs
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    My job letter is fake or real

    who's royal studies??
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    sibling documents

    That passports everywhere only have fathers name
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    Pay Slip name

    Do you not have an employment letter? If it has the info, no need for pay sleeps or proof of salary
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    Urgent - POF Query

    the exchange rate is important when they check. make sure you have MORE than what is needed by 3-400 at all times just in case. otherwise should be good to go
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    Urgent - POF Query

    doesn't matter