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    United Arab Emirates.. Dubai/Abudhabi applicants

    m mine did and contacted them and nothing happened
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    United Arab Emirates.. Dubai/Abudhabi applicants

    100% i just orered gcms notes. and basically the only notes are on the day the application was submitted. that's it.... no movement, nothing else
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    United Arab Emirates.. Dubai/Abudhabi applicants

    let me know if you know. it's been over a year for us on first application going into 6 months. My parents have jobs and can't take a vacation whenever the agent decides they can. This is ridiculous. At this stage we're gonna give up on this visa and just go meet them in europe where they've...
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    November 2021 - Citizenship applications

    University diploma
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    October 2021 - Citizenship Applications

    Yup, just empty. They don't care for non Canadian taxes anyways
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    Visitor Visa Application (July 2022)

    Not on the new portal no, you just fill it directly
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    Normal. At the tome we called them and told them what the income was and thats it
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    United Arab Emirates.. Dubai/Abudhabi applicants

    been waiting since may 2021! apparently the app is under review. both my parents are employed with money in their accounts and have 0 interest in staying in canada. they literally wanted to come for 3 weeks and never return. all gcc is processed in abu dhabi and its ridiculous when you see other...
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    temporay address change?

    my parents are currently in kuwait and i've applied for their visa for quite a while now with 0 action from the nightmare that is abu dhabi visa office. They will be going to our home country for vacation where they will be there for 1.5 months. does submitting an address change trigger a visa...
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    i know, my question was to the OP to think about it
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    why would someone from a gmail saying youre selected to a government program.
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    TRV from Abu Dhabi

    we reapplied three months ago and first application hasn't been cancelled yet
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    TRV Abu Dhabi office

    i reapplied in february 2022 and nothing happened :))))
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    TRV Abu Dhabi office

    It's not like keeping it in the old portal is helping either. looks like they're not working to begin with
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    Should I re-enter the pool now or wait till my profile expires?

    if you lost your gc key for example you can create a new one