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    Visiting through TRV vs ETA - Outland Spousal Sponsorship

    The difference is pretty simple, the visa exempt visitors don't need a visa - the TRV. Is there something more to your question?
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    Landing with receiving COPR after March 18th

    Sorry, self-correcting - the line above should have read COPRs issued after March 18.
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    WARSAW TIMELINE-Join here !!

    And you are not family class / no immediate family member in Canada?
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    Since you were responding to my post, note that I believe it is confirmed that when you get your COPR - and travelling to / with immediate family member (citizen/PR) - you can travel...
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    WARSAW TIMELINE-Join here !!

    You do realise that you're posting in the family class sponsorship forum? I.e., everyone you're asking these questions of in this forum think you're talking about family class and therefore have family members? The restriction does NOT apply to those with immediate family members.
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    WARSAW TIMELINE-Join here !!

    You may also find this helpful. (I mean @Ramieves not @Belarusian )
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    How do designate education years for a G.E.D.

    Yes, if it's high school equivalent, put the relevant number of years for high school in that jurisdiction.
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    Outland sponsorship question

    I am basing on what others have said here before, that since it is an outland app and a citizen is not required to be in Canada to apply, they do not need to withdraw. Not all material changes change the substance of the application - as long as the legal content remains the same. Note, for...
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    Outland sponsorship question

    It's up to you. I would say if you stay longer than 90 days, you definitely should update the address info (personally I'd say 30 days but I don't have any basis to use a specific number). Have no fear, they are aware of the concept of factual residence vs mailing address and you can keep both...
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    Landing with receiving COPR after March 18th

    I participated in a webinar from the visa section of the Canadian Embassy Moscow and asked this specific question. The answer was clear and simple: for immediate family members with a valid visa (including a COPR and counterfoil/visa) this particular restriction for COPRs issued prior to March...
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    Does this mean approval?

    Further to this: the medical request that is sent by IRCC for family sponsorship has a specific form, with instructions for what should be looked at by the medical centre. If you just go and do your own, it may simply not have contained what they were looking for.
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    Outland sponsorship question

    I do not believe you would need to withdraw and re-apply. You definitely should advise of change of address. It's perhaps unlikely they would question your intent to return given processing times and covid - but they could. This is why it may be useful/helpful to retain your residential ties...
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    Outland application- change of situation

    She can travel to and stay in Canada. Typically they give six months at the border, and can be extended towards the end of each period. Likely it would be possible for her to stay until the process is completed. Medical exams etc can be done in Canada. The only thing she would likely have to go...
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    Outland sponsorship question

    You might be turned down for a visa, but perhaps not. Surely the hundred dollars or so and time to apply online is worth it, given the alternative is moving to Morocco for an unknown length of time?
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    Document Translation by Home Country Public NOTARY- Sample Translation Format Help

    Coukd you please restate your question. You say English birth certificate, what does this mean. It may help to be specific about jurisdictions. Also look carefully for country specific instructions first. In many or at least some cases, there may be no need to translate seals as the info...