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WHP Visa Extension

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by laurai55, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. Im just wondering if it's possible to extend the WHP visa between canada and Australia?? Ive been in Canada now for almost 12months, and I really want to stay, but am finding it difficult to find an extension on the WHP.. does it exist?? Or do I need to apply for a normal work permit, ie get a job to sponsor me??
  2. Hi

    No extension, you would need an employer to obtain a Labour Market Opinion (LMO) from HRSDC Canada and apply for a new work permit.

  3. you need to get a labor market opinion good luck
  4. Hi there. Now, I'm not sure if you've heard about the changes from January 1st about applying for up to 24 months on the WHP for Australian passport holders?
    The only thing is, you still need to meet the requirements, and if you do, you can apply from within Canada. When you receive your LOI, you leave Canada and re enter to get your new visa for up to 24 months. You can't extend the current 12 months visa you have.
    I know you posted this a while ago, but hopefully it helps.

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