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what to expect during citizenship test

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by akhil, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. My wife has citizenship test next week and she will be flying from US.
    We got US green card and landed in US on Aug 1st 2012, however cam back in 3 days and lived in Canada till citizenship tie
    was completed. Her passport was stamped by US but not by Canadian customs while coming back. So basically what type of questions she can

    1)What type of proof should we collect to show er were in Canada after Aug to Oct period?
    We are having out home closing date, some receipts from here and there and credit card statements etc.
    Will that be sufficient?
    2) What else questions we can expect?

    Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. Akhil,
    Hate to be the one to break this news to you but your scenario is screaming for RQ. I still wish you all the very best do let us know all the details after the exam day.
  3. Sure! We completed 1095+ days and have most of proofs.
    Any ideas what questions to expect , what specific documents to take?
    Appreciate any input!
  4. Well i am going in for my exam aswel and i am taking below mentioned documents just in case to be on a safer side as i believe taking more than what they asked wont hurt.
    1. CBSA traveler history report.
    2. PCH (PERSONAL CLAIM HISTORY) from health Canada.
    3. Pay stubs.
    3. Educational documents (completed in Canada).
    4. Notice of assessments for past 5 year including my option C from revenue Canada.
    5.All of my passports.
    6.My ids (driver licence, Health card, etc etc).
    7.My original landing document.
    I believe the above mentioned documents will be enough for me to prove my time in Canada.

    What questions to expect i am not certain however after hearing it from several people they will just have a random conversation with you just to evaluate you communication skills also they will be questioning your absences from Canada and they will be assessing your future plans as in whether you will stay in Canada or not after receiving your Citizenship. I had also heard anyone with a USA travel history usually gets the pain and suffering of RQ which is not entirely true but in most cases yes. I hope this answers your question. Wish you all the very best buddy.
  5. Thanks OKK!Can you pls advise from where I can get CBSA travel history report.
  6. Canada Border Services Agency
    Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator
    410 Laurier Avenue West, 11th floor
    Ottawa, ON K1A 0L8
    Dear ATIP Coordinator:

    Pursuant to the Privacy Act, R.S.C. 1985 c. P-21, I seek access to and copies of traveler history for myself with the date range from xxxxxTO Present .
    I am a permanent resident of Canada currently present in Canada. I wish to receive copies of the records and request to examine the information as-is. I do not require translation.

    To assist with your search for these records, I am providing the following additional information about myself:

    Full Name: xxxxxx
    Date Birth: xxxxxx
    Gender: xxxxx
    Country of Citizenship: xxxxx
    Travel Document Type: xxxxxxx
    Travel Document Numbers: xxxxxxx
    Permanent Resident ID number: xxxxxxx

    I authorize and consent to the disclosure of my personal information to myself.

    Please find enclosed copies of my passports, PR card and landed document.
    If you have any questions regarding this request, please contact me by telephone at xxxxxx or via email at xxxxxxxxx

    Thank you for your consideration of this request. I will look forward to receiving your prompt reply....

    The address is mentioned on the very top where you will be mailing your request. The sample letter is mentioned above too. It takes roughly about 3 weeks for them to process your request. They quote 30-60 days on their website.

  7. Why asking Canadian citizenship, while living in the US? That will give you anyway an RQ.
  8. Can't we return back after some time if we have citizenship :(?
    We completed all formalities with due diligence.
  9. You certainly can come back but you have to assure the CIC Officials at the test about this not people on this forum. They do look at your circumstances as in whats you future plans are and if you have plans to stay in Canada or do what others did in the past, take the Citizenship then leave Canada for another country. CIC Official have no right to refuse your application on the spot however they do have the power of RQ and then the citizenship judge do have the power to refuse your case after yearssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss of waiting. Like i said before i do wish you all the best and i do pray your day will go smoothly without a hiccup but looking at the circumstances RQ is unavoidable.
  10. Thanks OKK, we will update what happens.
  11. When and where is your test dude?? We might be going in on same date
  12. How did it go Okk? Sorry I was not able to reply. It was for my wife and she got RQ.
    Hope your went fine.
  13. did she have travel history? Damn they're still giving out RQ's :mad:
  14. I am so sorry to hear that man but that was kind of expected dude....i wish you all the very best....could you plz share the interview experience she had with the CIC official??? That will benefit so many people on this forum.

    Mine went extremely well i passed my test with perfect score. My interview went really well i was told that i will get my Oath letter within 6-8 weeks....I went fully prepared with my CBSA traveler history, PCH (PERSONAL CLAIM HISTORY FROM HEALTH CANADA), pay stubs, bills etc etc...If you do require any help with RQ plz feel free to ask.

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