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What is the IELTS passing marks for CANADA?

Discussion in 'IELTS - International English Language Testing Sys' started by noel_cabitac, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. I just wanna know the passing score to be able to migrate to CANADA... I have taken the IELTS exam which I got a good marks.. But unfortunately the Agency that handles my application told me that I have failed.. Actually I got a band of 6.5, 6, 6, and 5.5 respectively . The agency told me that it should be either get two 6.5's and the other a minimum of two 5's. Am I failed with my band score? Anybody here pls answer me...

    Thanking you very much..
  2. it all boils down to how many pts you need from the language to get your entire score to 67 pts. but i think 4 is minimum on all module. Your consultant probably computed that you have to get atleast 2 pts on each module giving you 8 pts.
    Here is the average range for each of the module (e.i. Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing)

    Average Ranges (See the IMM0008 Instruction Guide for the details)
    4pts High = 6.5-9.0
    2pts Moderate = 5.5-6.0
    1pt Basic = 3.5-5.0

    You probably need around 12 pts from language criteria which your agency told you. (8 pts from 2 6.50 and 4pts from 2 5.0s). You can retake it but be sure to prepare for the next one. Good luck!
  3. u r not fail... But actually to qualify 67 u must had to need to get 6.7
  4. it's quite unfortunate you did no make it this time with this result, try and redo it but remember to prepare very well
  5. There is no pass or fail. All you need is 67 points to qualify for skilled immigration. e.g If you have 60 points for all other criteria you need only 7 points from IELTS. To see how many points you can get from IELTS read read" http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/pdf/kits/guides/EG7.pdf page 10
  6. try to take the test and learn how do you get your points (and your IELTS score requirement)


    you may take a lot of ways to increase your point i.e. taking a Master degree or take French course or make an arranged employment etc, not only increase your IELTS
  7. ilets score

    hello all, i took the ILets test 3 times and got as follows:

    Test one:
    1) speaking :7
    2) writing :6.5
    3) reading:7
    4) listenig :7

    test two
    1) speaking :6.5
    2) writing :6.5
    3) reading:6.5
    4) listenig :6.5

    test three:
    1) speaking :7
    2) writing :6.5
    3) reading:6
    4) listenig :7.5

    so i have a problem with 0.5 point as i got the required score but in 2 seat exam not in one is there any solution for this problem

    By the way i got the CMA certificate from USA board is this certifcate will give me any points

    so what i need it to help me find a way to get the remaining 2 points :

    as i got in education : 20 - expereince :21 age : 10 english ilets : 14 leading to a score = 65 points where i need to get 2 points from language how can i get these 2 points

    waiting for u reply
  8. the way i see it, the only chance for now to reach 67 pts is to improve your IELTS score from 14 to 16. if you can get 6.5 in reading, that will give you 16pts total in language skills.

    maybe you have relative/s in canada who is/are either permanent resident or a citizen already? that will give you additional 5pts. are you married? if yes, and your spouse has relatives there, or has some degree in college, that'll help too

    good luck

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