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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Samstar, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. That is what London sent me

    Dear applicant,

    Please contact your visa office (Nairobi) . Your wife's medical has been input into the sytem since the 3rd of April. Please inform them that it is an upfront medical under UFxxxxxxxxx

    Regards CSU.
  2. This is when you don't have a medical request letter from the embassy, you can simply got to DMP and tell then you need Upfront Medical Exam

    It looks like this
  3. So when they say its been input in the system. Is it complete?
  4. Call the registered medical doctor for canada available in your area(you can check this in CIC website)
    ask the doctor what they need for upfront medical exam.
    In my case they asked original passport , photo copy of passport , 6 photos , fees.

    Get to them and get your medicals done.
    Doctor will give you original IM0017 form back to you.
    Take a copy keep it with you and send original along with your application to CPC.

  5. Okay I'm actually confused now. This is my wife's second medical because the initial one expired. They sent us a formal request to do another medical, this is the email nairobi visa office sent us:

    "This refers to your application for permanent residence in Canada. In order to continue processing the application, we require the following:
    Complete or provide proof of completion of the Immigration medical examination. You are required to disclose your pregnancy to Panel Physician, who then shall confirm the EDD in his assessment"

    I am reading on the Internet that up-front medicals are only done when their is no formal request for medicals.
    Also does this mean that the medical is complete. Why would they ask me to inform Nairobi that my wife's medical has been input in the system:

    Dear applicant,

    Please contact your visa office (Nairobi) . Your wife's medical has been input into the sytem since the 3rd of April. Please inform them that it is an upfront medical under UFxxxxxxx

    Regards CSU.

    I am confused!?
  6. Did your wife complete the 2nd medicals or not?
  7. She did them on march 24 and London received it march 27 and input in their system April 3rd

    So is it complete, and why would I be the one to inform nairobi

  8. Which email did you use to contact London? Thanks!
  9. It was the case specific enquiries

    They emailed me after I sent them an enquiry about my medicals
  10. I don't understand the file number format. There is the paper file number (Fxxxxxxxxx) or UCI (xxxxxxxx) or IME (xxxxxxxx)

    The IME is the medical file number.

    If they have already entered it into system, then it should be complete.
  11. Why did you email london when you VO is nairobi?
  12. You can inform them if you choose to.
    But if your wife did the medicals and the doctor will forward . You do not have to worry about sending them (unless your email advises you to send any copy regarding medicals)
  13. They sent my medicals to London for assesment, also does this mean it is complete
    Why would they tell me to inform Nairobi visa office
  14. May be some seniors should intervene here.
    I am not sure why it was sent to London. Can you call you doctor and check why did it go london when you visa office is Nairobi? Did the doctor mention mention something there?
  15. All Nairobi needs, is a way to have access to the assessment results from London. It seems to me London is telling you to inform you VO of how to find it.

    The same UF number is on the form your DMP sent to London?

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