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Waiting for date of Interview

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by miljay, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. Thanks for the link I just got it... mm I may have to work on those questions if I decide to apply outland that is the fastest way for me...
  2. does anyone know after receiving notification that there will be an interview how long it actually takes to get the interview date???
  3. I have no idea, Ive been waiting 9 months for an interview for my husband :DLong wait ! and stressful one at that!Sign Native, Tired and Frustrated!
  4. ...so much for them wanting to "reunite" you and your family as quickly as possible...it's actually quite sad...in the first email they said they would contact him within the 1st quarter of 2010...then just received another email saying : Please be informed that due to the large amount of applications, we canot give you an exact date for your interview. Note that applications in each category are processed on a first-in first-out basis. Please do not request an early interview as this is not possible.

    Please be patient and wait for further communication from our office.

    Not sure what this is for...maybe just letting him know that they havent forgotten about our file????
  5. Our Application is in Morocco, Rabat on the site it say min 8 months max 10 months so were kinda in the middle right now. BUt who cares? they dont, 9 months i think thats just BS! My husband is more patient then I am, Im READY to just punch someone in the head loool :D
  6. Hi

    Great attitude, one of the problems is the number of "mala fide " applications from Morroco. which delays the processing when a high proportion require interviews.

  7. actually nobody really cares in the visa offices. they consider each case as just a file of papers, no emotions attached. such is a sad truth.
  8. Hi

    Thats the way it is, if the IO got emotionally involved with every case, they never would get completed. It is up to the applicant to prove their case.

  9. Yes thats understandable, yes they must be sooo Busy, just wish they reported some kinda update, unforunately..our case file says "in process" For the pass 7 months or so. Did anyone get an interview lately? maybe same date of processing like Mine? submitted end of march, April appoved for sponsor letter sent to me and my husband april 15th or something like this.lol just waiting for interview iiffffffffffff he needs one but pretty much most of morocco needs and gets a interview:( how sad! Sign NAtive..Missing my husband alot!
  10. Sponsorships move a lot quicker, because they are very formal and objective: do they meet the requirements? Yes? Approve and send to the visa office!

    The visa office has to examine the evidence in-depth and determine if it proves relationships, work experience, or whatever may be. If the evidence does appear to be sufficient proof, they then have to determine if it is genuine or fraudulent. If it is questionable, they have to verify it, either by contacting the issuing agency themselves or by requesting more information from the applicant.

    Compare that to the sponsorship which is quicker, but where they only have to determine that the minimum required papers are actually present with the application. That's why it can take so long to process applications. And I haven't even mentioned background checks, referreals to the CSIS, and so on...
  11. Is there a backgound check on every applicant, even with a clean police report?
  12. Yes, they do a background check on every applicant. If you're suspicious, they order an in-depth background check. If not, a plain one.
  13. Hi everyone,

    I did my papers and we got a positive answer from the FED on jan 31 and PROV on feb 24 and now my husband is waiting for an answer from Rabat for the visa or interview so im wondering how long are we gonna wait.... 8 month or it is possible to be less???

    Thanks and i wish you guys all the best!

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