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Visitors Visa and length of stay

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by mike1947, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. Hi
    I have always wondered how the CBSA know when you have left Canada after a 1/2/3 or 4 months stay, if you are given a stamp which allows you to stay 6 months.
    When I visit Australia, You have a departure stamp in your passport.
    Any of you who follow this site, know of the procedure in Canada for visitor departures ( register of departure date) by CBSA ?.
    Just Curious !!
  2. Some people also get a departure date, others are on Visa's, some have no departure date set, but have a six month limit.
    In most peoples eyes, CBSA don't know, because they don't (apart from some cases) ask people to report when they leave.

    However, there are many ways that people are tracked.

    A few simple examples:

    When a flight departs Canada the airline has to provide information about passengers on the flight.
    That information can be used in Canada and oddly enough, if the flight passes over, or lands in the USA, that passenger list is also provided to the USA, before departure.
    At the border, information is exchanged between the USA and Canada (people may not be aware that there are other countries that exchange information, UK, NZ etc

    It is safe to assume, if they want to find out about you, they can.
  3. CBSA/Canada does not monitor when you left Canada (no stamp or anything) but the officers will look at the stamp of your arrival to the "other" destination and that's how they'll check if you overstayed or not your allowed stay in Canada. If as in the case of citizens of the US and the UK where their (citizens') passports are not marked upon their arrival to the US/UK respectively, then there's no trace, so GOOD FOR YOU!!!! Unless you're name comes up on the list of the 10 most wanted in North America, it is unlikely an officer at the POE will look at archived list of airline passengers when you re-enter, but if they become suspicious, then they can extract the info.


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