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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by glak1234, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. Congratulations Serdj!! I am very happy to hear that you finally received your PPR!
    Srecno i uzivaj :)
  2. Congratulations Serdj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy for the both of you.
    When do you leave?
  3. I finally signed in after a long absence and was happy to hear of your good news Serdj! When will you leave?
  4. Thanks, it was a long haul but it's finally over. Can't wait to forget about it.

    About leaving... don't know yet. So far the best deals for plane tickets are in April. We haven't decided yet but it will probably be mid April. That's the easy part anyways :)

    Hows things with you guys?
  5. Have you considered leaving from Budapest? My husband got a one way ticket for 400 Euros. He had to take a shuttle bus from Belgrade. It made for a long trip but the savings was worth it.

    Things are going pretty well. He hasn't found a job yet. But he's taken some employment courses and has some leads. He has his PR card now, plus a library card, bank card, credit card, medical card, bus pass, ...and ta da...his driver's license! More cards than he's ever had in his life. He's pretty happy with the range of tv shows too, but not always happy about me wanting to watch hockey all the time. lol

    Anyway, you'll arrive for the better weather hopefully.
  6. There's option in April for around 600$ (around 470e) from Belgrade. Seems like great price and it works for me considering that flights in March are over 1000$.

    I know it will be hard to find job. Employment courses sounds great. As I understand in immigration offices (or some type of office that provide help for new arrivals) there's consultants that can help finding a job. Bunch of other programs and stuff too and it's free. I think I'll give it a try. Also its' nice opportunity to improve my English.

    Canadians and hockey...you people are mad about it lol. I'm not hockey fan either. Totally not interested. Maybe it will grow on me as years go by hehe but I doubt about that. ;D

    Regarding Pacific North West coast weather...thankfully Spring is coming lol. There's bunch of stuff that me as newcomer has to accept and adopt to, but weather... I think that I'll never be able to say : "I'm finally used to it".
    I sound like grumpy old man :D
  7. Serdji,
    I'm really glad to see that you finally got through.
    And you're not grumpy;when I read about your case I said "????!!?!!!!!",but you were patient all along.
    Puno sreće buraz.
  8. But you'll be here in time for the playoffs! You'll have no choice! :D

    ...and then there's curling! You're missing the brier right now! Poor you!

    However, Serbs are mad about any other sports that Serbs excel at. Just think, you'll be here in time for the French Open, Wimbledon and the Olympics. There will be tennis, tennis , tennis, and basketball, water polo.... :)
  9. @ Hauser
    Thx, we managed to get trough.
    Hvala takodje. :)

    I'll be there for the Playoffs?! Thank god my wife doesn't like hockey. ;D
    I'm joking, but I must admit that I'd love to see Canucks live at the arena.

    I know about curling. I had to google what brier is though lol.

    Always was fan of the Olympics. Since I was a little kid. Summer or Winter doesn't matter :)
  10. Hey Sredj which agency you checked for tickets, I`m using dannytravel.com, or kayak
  11. @ Lucky Rain: I saw your time line. Mine is quite the same. What do you think on how many more weeks VO needs to process your application? I am hoping for middle of April.
  12. I don't know to be honest. My wife did that for me. I think she called agency directly for the info.
  13. OMG :eek: I checked my ecas and it says "decision made"

    @ Serdj : Congratulations, I am really happy for you!
  14. To be honest, i have no clue, I`m hoping before June, my medical expires in July :(, I messed up , I paid my ROPRF later when my pprs arrived in Vienna , so I guess it`s gonna take longer than usual :(
  15. Congrats girl !!

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