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Valid Visa on Expired Passport -What to Do ???

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by qorax, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. Valid PRV on an Expired Passport ? -No Problem

    13.15. Valid visas in expired passports
    If an expired passport contains a valid visa counterfoil, the counterfoil can still be used since the expiration of the passport has no effect on the visa's validity. Holders of a valid visa may continue to use their visa until the date it expires even if the visa is in an expired passport. Visitors can fulfil the visa and passport requirements by presenting both the renewed and expired passports containing the valid visa counterfoil to a BSO when seeking entry into Canada. The Regulations state that visas should not be issued longer than the validity of the passport. However, due to pre- IRPA cases, it is possible to encounter visas in expired passports.

    It is not possible to "transfer" a valid visa into a new passport. If the holder of a valid visa wishes to have a visa placed in their new passport or if the passport is deemed ‘not valid' for political or security concerns, visitors must apply for a replacement visa by submitting a new application and paying the replacement document fee in accordance with R311(2).

    If the applicant wishes to obtain a visa valid for a longer period in the new document, this will constitute a new temporary resident visa application and any applicable fees resulting from this new application will be collected. The previous visa will subsequently be cancelled.

    Ref: This is the quote from Sec-13.15 of the "Port of Entry Examinations Manual" -ENF 4; dt. 2010-02-23, Page 53
  2. @qorax,
    tres bien,
    well done, monsieur
  3. Very Nice share. Thanks for clearing the confusion.
  4. Thank you very much Qorax.
  5. this is what i did when i visited singapore .........the visa was valid and passport was expired so I took both the passports with me and there was no problem
  6. Hi qorax!

    ur post made sense...correct me if i'm wrong but from what i understood, it is also the same in the situation where for example i have a manual passport and will change it to machine-readable passport which is a requirement from CHC.

    My concern is that on my application I submitted a copy of my manual passport, wherein I still used my father's last name (though I'm married). However, I got it amended in the UAE embassy so that in the "Amendments section" of the passport it was already mentioned that I am married to ______ and that my full name will be read as _____ (my full name including my husband's last name). If I will change my manual passport to a machine readable passport, of course they will put there my married name, right? So, do you think CHC will question this because my application is using my father's name?

    Hoping for your opinion about this....Thank u in advance!

    P.S. I am planning to apply for a machine-readable passport this May (when I go for a vacation in the Phil.).I am still waiting for PPR...did my medicals last march'10....

    More power!
  7. Hi Ma'am,

    Your case is little different than what we are talking about here. However, some inputs can albeit, be drawn form my post. Nonetheless, here's what u need to do:

    a]. Let me reiterate that u don't need MRPs [Machine Readable Pps] for the Canada Immigr process. -that's just a nuance
    b]. However, it's wise to convert your Pp to MRP -'coz that's the norm nowadays

    1. Immediately upon obtaining a new Pp booklet u must inform CHC about this change of Travel Document.
    2. Send them the copy of the MRP asap, to update your file.
    3. Thereon, this Pp will be 'on record' in your case file & all action/s will be done based on this info.
    4. U'll get your meds mentioning this new Pp & so'd be your PPR.
    5. Sent both Pps [old-manual + the new MRP] to CHC for stamping.
    6. The PRV [Visa] will be stamped on this 'new' MRP
    -& there u go...

    Hope that helped...
  8. Hi qorax!

    Wow! u are really a "champion member" of this forum...u are a good adviser and very much helpful in clarifying things out...

    I would follow ur advice regarding this situation...

    God bless!
  9. Hi Qorax.
    Before i ask my question i got to say that the info you provide is awesome. Great help.

    I read your post above but my situation is a bit different.
    NOW my situation is as follows: I am a student in Canada on a 4 year student visa (1 Year left)and i have the study permit attached to the passport as well. Recently i applied for a machine readable passport as my country was pushing it by law. After i got the new one, the old manual one became invalid but they didn't make any marks on it (holes or corner cut). Its perfectly intact. Now will i be albe to travel to Canada with both passports and show them the visa and the study permit in the old one?
    If not do I need to reapply for a study permit and new visa with my new passport at the canadian embassy in my country?
    Thanks in advance.

  10. Hi Ermir,

    As per ENF4, I believe that's the case. U can clip both the pps together & travel to Canada. As long as the Visa is valid, it seems to be permitted to be used, even if it's on the other pp booklet.

  11. I need help from senior members concerning updating documents.

    Hi To Everyone,
    I submitted my full documents to the visa office in 2009. Before submitting my full documents i was doing a Master's Degree program and now i have completed my studies.

    At the moment i have the Master's Degree Certificate and the transcripts with me. I have applied for the official transcripts in sealed envelope, but because schools are on holidays, it might take a little longer.

    At the moment the Visa officer has sent me a mail that they are processing my file now.
    So my question is should i fax the Certificate and the transcripts while waiting for the official copy or should i scan and send by e.mail?

    Please any suggestions will be welcome.

    Thanks for understanding.

  12. I have recently been issued the PR visa. However I noticed that my passport will be expired in three months and my PR visa as well. I just wonder if I apply for a renew passport, the PR visa on my old passport will be still valid? In other words can I present my valid PR visa in the old passport and the new passport at POE?
  13. Dear Qurax

    Thanks for your wonderful and relevant post on many of our concern to find for sensible solution ....
    My query is a bit different but related to passport and visa issue..............

    My daughters (she will be turning 8 soon) passport is with her mothers. Recently we have received our Med Request and will be doing IME next week. Just wondering whether it will be wise now to apply and get own passport for her right before we can anticipate PPR? I know she can continue travel on her mother passport till till she turn to 12. However, by next 3-4 years time she would have to provide with a seperate passport anyway...
    Another concern is since we have submitted before her passport details as the same as her mother... changing for her with seperate passport will pose any new complexities for CHC and VO to visa stamp (If finally we can go up to that!!)?

    Your expert advise and guidance will be very much solicited.....
  14. As I understand - children (any age they r) require their own passports for PR visa stamping.

    There was a separate thread on it sometime back...
    U may post your query on it, for more authentic response/s.

  15. Dear Friends,

    We do have new passports, but we have lost old cancled passport two years back(We did not register complain with police at that time about lost documents).

    So, my worry is that CHC New Delhi ask for both old and new passport at the time of Visa stamping. How can I present my case to Visa Officer at the time of stamping?

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