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Swiss PR

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by lekamle, May 10, 2011.

  1. Hi I am a swiss PR holder and have applied for neutralization. I don't know when I would get the PP.
    I am interested in studying in Canada.

    Can any body give some hints how to proceed? :)
  2. I suppose you mean naturalization. You should get the PP before you leave to study elsewhere. I don't know Swiss law but leaving the country during your processing could jeopardize your citizenship.

    After you get the PP, your first step to study in Canada is to find a college you want to go to and apply. If you are accepted, you can apply for your study permit. You must show that you can pay at least the first years tuition and support yourself in Canada. Also that you will not overstay but with a passport from Switzerland, you are not really considered a big risk to overstay.
  3. Thanks Leon !:D

    I am not going to stay in Canada, but for studies I am a computer science student here in Switzerland, I think for me its a good place as I prefer English to German (In my Canton).

    I want to study computer science and English.

    Its a long time I am waiting for the PP, I don't know how long will it take until I get it. Every day I pass here I loose money and time, I need to do it a bit faster so that I don't waste rest of my life.

    My wife would also accompany me, she is a swiss national. It will be nice if I could arrange things more or less perfectly as I am going with her.
    If I am single i would not mind going there and hanging on to any thing and finishing the studies.

    How will it be for my wife to get a visa ? does she need one , if she stays more two or three years ? should I apply for it before we leave?
    How much will I be allowed to work as a Student?

  4. You and your wife can actually apply together. You apply for a study permit and she applies for an open work permit based on your study permit. They should both be given out for the same length of time. With a work permit like that, she would have no restrictions at all where she works. You could apply for a student work permit after 6 months of studying and that would allow you to work up to 20 hours a week during the semester and full time on holidays. After graduating, you could apply for a post-grad work permit. If your course is between 8 months and 2 years, you get an open work permit valid for the length of your course. If your course is 2 years or more, you get an open work permit for 3 years.

    During all this time in Canada, it is likely that you or your wife will at some point qualify to apply for PR if you are interested.
  5. Hi guys

    Will I be able to support my self working 20 Hrs a week? What kind of jobs would I be getting ? will it be something like flipping burgers in Mc or measuring coffee in Starbuck? I don't mind doing these jobs , but will it be enough to finance my wife and my self ? I will be bringing some money with me though.

    After getting the work permit , could I quit the school for a semester or two for full time work and come back to studies and continue?

    will this give me any troubles when I go for PR ?

    Or it is it clever to hold on to the studies for two years and then to work ?
  6. Your wife is not planning to work? If your wife works full time and you 20 hours a week, you should be able to support yourselves. If your wife doesn't work and you only work 20 hours a week at McDonalds, you can not live on that. Maybe if you live in one rented room and eat instant noodles for every meal.

    It is better to do 2 year studies and get a 3 year work permit because it will buy you 5 years in Canada you can have time to work on your immigration. If you study for one year, then get a PG work permit, you will only get 1 year work permit, then one year study permit and then you are done because you can only get a PG work permit once in your lifetime.
  7. Hi
    Do you think its better that i start applying for schools and all the necessary things during the time I am waiting for my PP.

    It is said that I should get my PP within two months and two years, " God knows how long it will take".

    As I am a student its very difficult to find jobs here. Since my arrival here in Switzerland I have been undergoing several hardships, trying to catch on to any job and also my favorite job ( I am a trained Diploma Draftsman) without any success. Either you don't have the required papers or your qualification doesn't comply with the swiss standard and so on. I know I had to start from scratch. I was working or Mc Donald's, and several other gastronomy firms.
    Now as I thought of doing a swiss university degree and to continue my work life in a field which Switzerland and the world is looking for, I am said again that I don't bring enough experience. I don't know what would be the answer after completing my degree. I have no confidence in this country.

    I hope it wont so bad in Canada at least as a student, as it is a much Multi-cultured country, would it ?

    I know it wont be so simple either!!! but at least the language is English and I think I will feel eased with that !!

    Is there any other options to go to Canada other than as a student and a skilled worker ?

    Thanks a lot guys I feel at home when I am writing in this forum. ;D
  8. Other than a student or skilled worker means you need a job offer. Canada isn't very strict on you having the proper papers to do a job but depending on how much they need you. A few years ago when the economy was booming, it was very easy to get a job. Now it is harder so employers are more picky. They might still say that you don't have Canadian education or experience but there is no legal requirement that will stop you from working in that field or anything like that.

    By the way, what does your wife do for a living? If she can apply through skilled worker or if she goes as a student or gets a work permit, you could go on her application.
  9. Hi

    My wife is a primary school teacher and has an experience of around three years. I have being doing this and that for the last three years ie. Two years as a supervisor in Mc Donald's and one year internship as a 1 st level support employee in an international computer services firm. I have collected some experience in various filed in computing as a 1st. level support employee.
    Apart from that I am fluent in five languages.

    I hope hope and hope until I can hop in to Canada!! ;D

  10. Well, the list of all time favourites for Canada immigration is here: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/skilled/apply-who-instructions.asp#list but unfortunately no primary school teachers on there. Food and restaurant managers were on the list but their cap is full. On July 1st, all the caps will reset and it is possible that the list will change at the same time.

    Do you speak French? Want to live in Quebec? You can do the self-evaluation for Quebec skilled worker, see http://www.immigration-quebec.gouv.qc.ca/en/immigrate-settle/permanent-workers/epi.html

    Apart from those options above or a study permit, you would be looking for a job offer which is not exactly easy to get when you are on the outside and need a work permit.
  11. If your wife wants to work as a primary teacher, I suggest you don't choose to settle in Southern Ontario. There are hundreds of qualified Canadian trained teachers who can't even get on a supply list, let alone a permanent teaching position because there is a large over supply of teachers. I have heard that in Alberta they need teachers, and in any Northern part of a province (Quebec, Ontario, Alberta) they will need teachers.
  12. tink 23 Thanks for your advice, I am already living in a rural area in switzerland, I don't wonna do that again over there if I go.

    Its really disappointing when you are in a industrialized country and you don't know how to live, I am trying a lot to get a job! As a student here you hardly get anything , they always have an excuse. No matter which field you try either in your own field you study or a different one eg. Gastronomy, they don't give you jobs as a student.

    I like to go to an English speaking country as I am good in English, I feel comfortable, but I don't think I have to learn French if I want to go to Canada.
    It took me around four to five years to learn the German language here in Switzerland, I am good in that now, but it doesn't help me until I finish the studies, may be if I am lucky I will get a job after the studies in this field (Computer science).

    If I go to French speaking Canada I should learn French which will cost me another few years :( .

    When do I earn and when do I live my life, its frustrating when I think of all these.

    I wish I could go Canada and do my studies in a college a degree for two years and do a job, if I like and have time I can study further.

    I have a relative in Canada. Relative in the sense not so close, He is the brother in law of my mam,

    could this help me in any way ?
  13. Hi
    I actually want to live in GTA, it doesn't have to be Toronto municipal area.
    My wife is much interested in living outside the huzzels and buzzels of the city, me too.
    To go to college or a university within Toronto and to live around fifty or sixty Kms. away wouldn't make the things worse i think.

    I am still thinking of going there as a student until I get better idea. If any body has a creative idea, always welcome!!!!!!!

    Thanks guys
  14. Hi
    This person whom I was talking about is a brother of my mam's BIL. I was talking to him but he has no idea about immigration.
    I think I forget about him and try something on my own as I was doing so far.

    Can you tell me how the skilled worker works ? Should I simply apply if I qualify under any categories and wait ?

    If I go as a student when can I do a job and how long could I do a full time job ? or am I allowed to do only part time jobs and only within the college premises ?

  15. You can find the skilled worker program here: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/skilled/index.asp
    Read about who can apply, how to apply etc.

    For information about studying, go here: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/study/index.asp
    You can read about work permits for students here: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/study/work.asp

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