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SuperVisa from Manila - Applicants/Future Applicants

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by mutt391, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. anyone here did applications this month October 2016,

    October 2 submitted the application until now did not heard nothing (email, call or update in my cic account) from cic.
  2. Hi. I applied for my mom for supervisa. Submitted october 14. In vfs tracking it says still in process
  3. I hope some movement from cic this week. Goodluck on your application.
  4. Just received medical request for my mom today oct 19. Mail application submitted oct 14
  5. I applied for my mom too. Submitted it online last october 10.
  6. My Parents Supervisa timeline - Manila

    September 20 : Application received by the visa office

    September 26 : Received medical request thru email

    October 8 : Medical Done

    Patiently waiting.....
  7. me and my wife we are both PR in Canada

    last yer my income was CAD 20000 and my wife income was CAD 10000

    Can my wife apply for her Parents for super visa

    Please note : we do not children
  8. Already answered - your income is insufficient by around $15,000.
  9. hi, would like to know if your mom received her visa yet thanks
  10. Hi my father received an email last October 31 for reassesment of his medical. We do not know yet what further test he has to do. They will be going back to Cebu clinic next week. What is your timeline?
  11. Hi guys! Does anyone know the average timeframe for the approval of the supervisa? thanks!
  12. Hi guys! Any update on your supervisa applications?
  13. hello,
    I applied for my mom super visa but she got rejected due to travel history and financial assets.
    Is there anyway I can appeal because I included in the letter that I will bear all her expenses here in canada.

  14. I just want to share my timeline

    Oct. 14,2016 -application sent (paper application)
    Oct. 18,2016 - medical request
    Oct. 31,2016 -additional medical reqUest
    Nov. 5 ,2016- complete medical done
    Nov. 16, 2016- e-medical sent thru Canada visa office
    Nov. 28, 2016- passport with Visa received
  15. Hi
    What was the test she did for additional medical request?
    Thank you

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