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start a small business in canada

Discussion in 'Start Your Own Business in Canada – Self Employmen' started by jazz3, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    My name is Faisal I live in canada. I have business plan which doesnt need that much investment. Give me ur email address or send me email for further discussion. My email is livefaisal@hotmail.com.
  2. Hello,

    I can assist you with your business plans. If interested you can call me or visit my web site at amsaccounting.com. I can help you to find a business, finance the business, and do the accounting and payroll for the business.

    Let me know if I can assist you?

    Thomas Alamshah, MBA, CGA, CSC, Hon BA
    AMS Accounting
  3. hello faisal, plz write to me on bbeez.marketing@gmail.com or marketing@bumble-beez.com . I would like to discuss that business plan in detail. I am very much interested.
  4. Can you post your website link please.
  5. Hello Scotty,
    I checked ur website and i cannot find any details about the start a bus in Canada. pls provide detail link.
  6. dear Scoot
    i send you a mail request to provide me with the small business plan and help
    as i am doing my immigration to manitoba and need some help how to start my own business.
    thanks- hilal
  7. hi
    my name is hilal
    i am intresting for buying a business for not less than 100.000 can $
    pls provide me with how to cantact you and your web site where i can find all the details
    thanks - hilal
  8. dear all
    i am intresting for opening or buying a business in manitoba - winnipeg city
    so any one can help me to find out all details -
  9. Hi dear please sent me that PDF file

  10. Hi please send me the pdf version business guide. Just click on my name Qureshi and my e mail is there.


  11. Starting off a small business seems to be a better bet for most than to take up survival jobs, slog and climb the elusive corporate ladder.
  12. Thanks Scott for the guide!
  13. Sorry everyone. I haven't been monitoring this thread. If you want a copy of the guide, Google "Flock Free Nation". If you click on the first result that will take you to our blog. If you scroll down, there is a form on the righthand side that you can fill out to get a free copy of the Starting A Business In Canada guide.

  14. you can think about to open a printer ink cartridge & toner cartridge shop. I am in this industry. itargeton.com is our company website. we are doing wholesale and retail. The profit is not in printing supplies. thanks,
  15. Hi,
    E-commerce may be niche option to start anew business. In North America It is growing continuously. In 2010 E-commerce in Canada was worth $15.3 billion. In that particular year 51% of internet users purchased goods and services for personal and household use. Internet users are increasing worldwide. If you find the right products to sell than eCommerce business will be a profitable one for you.

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