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Spousal sponsorship

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Leon, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. Regardless of whether your partner travels with you or not - the decision is at the sole discretion of the immigration officer you happen to encounter.

    Assuming you are from a visa exempt country, chances are extremely high that you will get back into Canada without any issues. However there's always that slim chance you might not.
  2. Mhhhh, extremely high sounds good :D. I guess I play it safe and wait till the PR is approved though, as it only took 7 month for first approval instead of eleven I'll just hope it will only take 4 month for the second step instead of 8 ;D.

    Thanks a lot and have a wonderful day!
  3. Hello,

    My husband is in the States and I am sponsoring him from Canada. I have chosen New Delhi office since they have shorter processing times. I am planning to submit the paperwork this week and my dad suggested that he has his medical done prior to submitting the file for even faster processing. Is that a good idea? Also, what do we put for the officer name on the medical form since our file has not been assigned to an officer yet?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!
  4. Read the visa office specific rules. They will tell you if medicals are to be done in advance. For most visa offices this is the case and you will find an "Appendix C" that you fill out and take to the DMP.
  5. I do have the Appendix C for New Delhi but cannot find anywhere on their website if we can do an upfront medical?
  6. you need to do medical upfront...if you do not you risk your application being sent back or delayed........check your document checklist...it states to enclose medical......... :)
  7. It's on the ND checklist. So yes, you should do it up front. Otherwise, they might reject your application as incomplete.
  8. Hi All,

    I am an Indian citizen and i am working in Toronto since March 2010. I am currently on work Permit and i am eligible for PR under CEC.

    I am preparing to file PR under CEC. I have cleared IELTS with a score of 7 and have gathered required documentation like Work Experience, Police Clearance Certificate, Birth Certificate from Indian consulate here.

    I got married few months back and my wife joined me here a month back. Currently she is on Dependent Visa.

    Can i apply PR for both of us at the same time ? Or is there any duration limit (like staying for more than a year in Canada or so) which my wife needs to satify ?

    In this case do i need to hire a lawyer ?

    Could you please help me in this regards.

  9. Post your question to the CEC section of this forum. You'll get better answers there.


    This section of the forum is for people who are already Canadian citizens or Canadian PRs and are sponsoring their spouses. Your process for including your wife will be quite different.
  10. Hi All,

    I got a request for my passport copies from CPP Ottawa. I am wondering why didnt they ask for the original passport? Dont they need it to stamp the IM-1 visa for entering canada?
  11. If you're from a visa exempt country, they just need copies.
  12. I applied at the buffalo consulate and my file is being processed in Ottawa. But I am from India and I think India is not among the visa exempt countries. I have a visitor visa for Canada, do you think this might be the reason that they have not asked for my original passport since I already have a valid visa to enter the country?
  13. If you need a TRV, you will need to advise them of that, because Ottawa mostly deals with people in Canada or the US and thus not in need of a visa. If you are in Canada or the US and can get to a land border, my understanding is that you can land without a TRV as well. If you are in Canada and wish to land, you can either schedule landing inside Canada, or you can flag pole at the US border.

    If you need a TRV, I'd send them the original passport and a cover letter saying "hey, you need my original passport because I need a counterfoil to get to the POE to land..."

    You can certainly contact them instead, but I'd be impatient and want to get my passport back, so I'd force the issue.

    Good luck!
  14. Hi Amalla,

    You might want to join the "New Delhi Applicant 2012" thread. It is very helpful and informative...regd. medicals-yes, doing it upfront fastens the process. You need to fill the Appendix C and take it to DMP (just follow the instructions)..

  15. My spouse's PR is in process with NDVO. Have sent the passport and is in the waiting period....while this is happening, spouse's employer has agreed for a internal transfer to Canada. Now, the biggest issue is;
    1) Passport is with NDVO and hence cannot apply for a work permit. IS there a way we can expedite the PR processing or any other alternative to apply for work permit??
    2) Although the employer has found a position, they will not process the work permit. I understand that the first step is to get LMO. Who applies for LMO? Employer or employee?? (given that the employer will not process the work permit....)

    Thanks and Regards

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