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Spousal sponsorship

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Leon, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. Thanks tink23. I think I have enough to prove to them that I am working. They made it sound like there was an official document with a "statement of business activities."
  2. No problem. I don't think it will be a big deal, and like I mentioned before, you can let them know you have more proof of income if they wish to see more.
  3. Thank you tink23. I know my wife and I are just random strangers online but you are helping so much. Can I ask if you sent in your husband's police certificate and medical examination with your initial application? Is it better to wait since these expire and the process with likely take many months?
  4. No problem! I enjoy it!
    Yes we sent it in with the initial application because that's what they ask. My husband was actually approved in 3 months from start to finish. Ours was crazy fast but for the most part it seems like most people have been taming around 7-9 months from start to finish.
  5. I agree. Also, if you wait, it will add time to the process. You can't just do medical and police on your own schedule, you will need to wait for the request. This will add possibly a month to processing times, as it normally takes time to obtain Police certificate. Also, if there is an unplanned pregnancy, you won't be able to undergo medical until after birth.
  6. There is actually a couple right now who didnt send the medical with their initial application and now they are annoyed that those who do actually have to do a remedical are getting processed quicker, but when you don't send everything youre supposed to to begin with u delay your application bc they will put it aside until a specific date.

    Now, they said they were told they couldnt do thr medical until they were told by the embassy but this is very very false. If for some weird reason u are told this (which I doubt u will bc 98% of dr applicants do the medical properly ahead of thr application) u have to know this is false and the outland medical for spousal sponsorship must be done ahead of time.

    Go very early (like 6am) bc it is very very busy. When u actually get inside have your wife tell the security that she is there for Canada medical bc there are always a huge line of people for the US at the same location. She will be aebt in ahead of all the ppl waiting for the US.
  7. My wife was told the same thing. She came home and told me. I told her to go back and bring the papers required, and tell them you are doing an upfront medical. Do not leave hospital until they understand it is an upfront medical. It happens more than you think...at least in the hospitals in Thailand.
  8. Awesome! I plan on doing this right which is why I am asking so many questions. I am getting everything together now.

    I did join the Dominican Spouses facebook page. A little bit too much drama on there. I don't feel like posting publicly. I have never been a fan of facebook.
  9. It can get dramatic at times. It can be good for support as well. Feel free to messagr me here or in a PM on this site with any questions. Like I said, I enjoy this stuff so it isn't a bother at all.
  10. Can I ask your opinion on the best way to courier the papers down there for her to sign and have her send the medical report and criminal check back to me?
  11. I don't know about that one. Sorry. I was living there when we did the papers and immediately upon moving back to Canada I submitted the application, so I didn't have to worry about that.

    I know when you use either ups or fed ex it changes to Dhl when it gets to DR.
  12. So since the courier changes to DHL in DR, I would have your wife use DHL when the starting location is there. This way you will be able to track it.

    When my parents sent me a package while I was living there, they just used Canada Post, registered airmail. My package arrived at the postal office in Puerto Plata within 10 days. They put my number on the front of the package so that they postal office called me once it was there so I knew to go pick it up. I had to pay 200 or 250 pesos to get it.
  13. Thanks. I will probably just go with FedEx since I know there is a FedEx office a few blocks from her.
  14. Right. One B4 form, and as many B4A forms as required to describe everything. The B4 form includes personal information that doesn't need to be repeated on each continuation page. See http://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/publications/fr-fd/traveller-voyageur-eng.html for the actual forms and it should be clearer.

    If some goods are coming with a settler and others are to follow, it is best to split them up into two separate sets, with one marked "goods to follow".
  15. ok, so I do fill out 2 separate b4 forms, one for the stuff accompanying me and one for the stuff to follow? instead of doing 1 b4 form, and 2 separate b4a forms to separate the items? that's what i'm confused about, so i was going to do it both ways, just in case.

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