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Sponsorship forms

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Suin, May 28, 2009.

  1. Hello!
    Could you please advise on the following matter - I am a bit confused by the info given on the www.cic.gc.ca
    what forms exactly the Canadian spouse is supposed to submit for sponsorship application?
    on the cic.gc.ca they mention:


    * Application to Sponsor and Undertaking [IMM 1344A] PDF, 346 KB
    * Sponsorship Agreement [IMM 1344B] PDF, 39 KB
    * Sponsorship Evaluation [IMM 5481] PDF, 110 KB
    * Sponsor Questionnaire [IMM 5540] PDF, 160 KB
    * Document Checklist [IMM 5491] PDF, 99 KB
    * Fees Receipt

    but in the Document Checklist [IMM 5491] - they also say about another form that is not included into that application kit for sponsor: - Financial Evaluation (IMM 1283)

    is that form necessary? maybe some other form in missing too except using the representative?

    the matter is that the Canadian spouse is self-employed & is it possible to submit just the Option C Printout as an evidence? As all the income is mentioned in there.

    one more question: Sponsorship Agreement [IMM 1344B] should be signed separately both for the spouse & all the accompanying kids?

    thank you for reading this topic. your advise will be much appreciated.
  2. You are listing all the forms on the sponsor side.. yes that is all
    IMM 1344B should be signed by the sponsor and PRINCIPAL APPLICANT. Not the kids.

    Option C Printout is all that is necessary. The Canadian spouse would only need to prove sufficient income if the dependants had dependants of their own.. meaning the accompanying kids.. had kids of their own..if thats not the case than all that is needed is the Option C
  3. I really do appreciate your reply, Boncuk. The matter is that the sponsored spouse has kids of her own. What the evidence of income is required to be submitted in this case taking into consideration that fact that the Canadian spouse is self employed?

    just one more question - if the principal applicant signs the Sponsorship Agreement IMM 1344B - will it include the accompanying kids too?

    sorry for so many questions, just wishing to meet all the requirements for sponsorship :)
  4. There are no financial requirements for the spouse AND the kids. Still exempt in this category. The sponsor needs to submit an Option C obtained from Canada Revenue Agency as Boncuk said. Doesn't matter if they are self employed or not.

    And yes, the sponsorship agreement includes the kids.
  5. I think what you are not understanding .. its if the sponsor's kids or the applicant's kids.. have children of their own.. like they would be grandparents.. then the income factor comes into play.. you don't have this concern so all you need is the Option C Printout.
  6. thank you very much - you really helped a lot :)

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