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SINP Aspirants 2014 Lets CONNECT HERE

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Canph, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. Hi

  2. Much appreciated... Pal could you please share the methodology in achieving the task.

    I just wanted to know the steps which i was missing while trying to make the necessary changes to the sheet.

  3. Nothing Bro I have added a formula in that Column, which you can check after clicking on it
  4. Hello all! I have submitted my application on 05/01/2014 and would like to join this forum. Can you please tell me how to go about it? What details do I have to share? also who updates the spreadsheet?
  5. Share everything except personal details e.g application number, passport details etc.
    Most of the guys in thif forum are very helpful so you would get help most of the times at the same time feel free to help and share ur experiences.


  6. It's easy. Just click the below link and fill the required input.
  7. Thanks very much for the clarification...

  9. I can only view the spreadsheet so I don't know how to share details like NOC code. Also does the spreadsheet reflect details of all the people who are connecting through this forum?
  10. Hi

    Share your details here.

    Link for data entry : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1rgqWI-kR8bWABrUtYY87Z-FGjD-PW19o6rtxx4j1CNA/viewform

    Everything time should be in CST
  11. Please also update my NOC code 2211. Any idea how long it would take for receiving PR under this program?
  12. Dear all,

    May Allah help us all in this process.

    (1) I want to share this interesting information that may be helpful for many of you. I sent an email to them and got the below as part of their reply:
    "If you need to forward documents to the SINP to attach to your online application, please email scanned documents to: immigration.documents@gov.sk.ca

    Kind Regards

    Which means you can (after you create your online application) is to send documents you can.

    (2) I have sent my information to the sheet.

  13. WOW thanks very much for the confirmation... really appreciated...
  14. Kindly find below the link for your reference...


  15. Hi All
    With the new updated guide all the NOC begins with 3xxx were removed from the demand list unless you have the job offer. I am a Physiotherapist (NOC 3142) was so ready to apply under SINP but once after I noticed the change I didn't apply. Is it good to just apply and see or get ready for 2014 FSWP? Kindly guide me

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