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Self-addressed envelope

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by nicmart, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Hello, my partner living in Ireland is trying to gather documents to apply for a single entry visa at the Canadian embassy based in UK.
    Now the P227E checklist below mentions to include:

    "Self-addressed envelope to return your passports and documents from EVERYONE who is submitting an application either by mail, drop box or in person."

    URL: canadainternational.gc.ca/united_kingdom-royaume_uni/assets/pdfs/P227E%20-%20TRV%20checklist.pdf

    Considering she lives in Ireland, how would you suggest she can provide such a thing when mailing in her application? Does she need to get to the UK to buy a prepaid enveloppe or is it just a non pre-paid enveloppe with her name and address on it?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  2. Can one person please confirm the answer given in the following post:

  3. Hi,

    How are you gonna send your applications? By post mail? I sent my applications to CHC New York thru courier, I used Fedex since it's fast, reliable & they accept passport/s. I included in my applications a money order address to FEDEX and return airway bill that I already filled-up for my self-addressed envelope to return my docs & passport.

  4. The application will be sent by registered mail from Ireland to UK with AnPost services.
    I'm referring to the self-addressed enveloppe one has to include in the application to get their passeport back. Does it need to be prepaid/stamped or is it enough to just put your name and address on it?

    As the applicant is in Ireland, buying a UK prepaid/stamped enveloppe might prove a bit hard to get...
  5. Hi Nicmart,

    I am having the same issue. It says in my email that I need to include a self addressed envelope. No postage is necessary. So I guess I have to just sent plain envleope with my address on it. Have you sent yours yet?
  6. Not yet but I think my partner will send her application with a letter big enough to contain her passeport without postage. After all, it only says "Self-addressed enveloppe", not "Prepaid". Of course, it proves impossible to contact the embassy to ask such questions, no reply after more than a week although request marked urgent :(
  7. Here is the official reply from the embassy:

  8. Is you partner an Irish citizen? if so she doesn't need a travel visa as Ireland is a visit exempt.
  9. No she's not

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