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Reference Letter for self employed person.

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by Roger55, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. I was self employed on own bussiness for 2 years, I sold bussiness and person who bought the bussiness closed it recently. Question is regarding this worke experience reference letter. The bussiness is now closed . What should I send in to prove this work experience since I cannot get a reference letter. I have proof that bussiness was mine, pay slips, tax returns etc. But what about the reference letter? Please advise ...

  2. You can send a self prepared letter mentioning your duties and responsibilities. To be honest, it is tough to prove a business which does not exist at current, so send in all relevant info in a compiled and presentable format with cover letters explaining details. Your tax returns, business registration certificate, personal visiting cards, bank statements, cash register with inflows and outflows, if the premises was rented than a rental agreement would be good to prove the business existed, etc.
    Good Luck !!

  3. Job duties letter - you will write mentioning job duties
    2 reference letter - get it from your ex employees
    You will be required to send = business registration with Govt, tax returns, lease of premesis, business selling record and you must mention by way of affidavit the the buyer had closed the business.

    I think they may call you for interview, since no one is there to prove your business experience.

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