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Proof of relationship/Letter

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Canadagirl85, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. Hey fellow message board peeps :D

    I didn’t see any posts about this....

    I heard when submitting our application (we are doing inland) we should send letters written by us explaining how our relationship is genuine and real. We are not really sure what they are looking for... do they want to know how we meet and how our relationship progressed or do they want to hear like why we feel we are a great couple and where we see our future... I’m just not sure what to put in this letter...

    Another thing because we meet in person and didn’t meet online we don’t have a lot of chat logs basically after we meet in person we started hanging out all the time we were inseparable... so a lot of our relationship grew in person we really didn’t need to chat online. Worked all day then spent every evening/night together... we have lots of texts but our phone company does not provide details of text messages just calls between us.. so we are curious what other proof we could show... we have pictures of places we went together and with friends. We have pictures of our wedding and we got a bunch of letters from our friends. We have our joint bank account along with our lease that’s in both of our names. I also got her a cell phone in my name which has me as the account holder and her as the user....Can anyone suggest what else we should send...

    Thanks again everyone for your support I was on another message board and no one responded as fast as the people do on this board I love it!! !! You have all been awesome!
  2. Sounds like you have a good start. This link has some good ideas that might be helpful as you brainstorm what you might want to include:

    You could possibly add some receipts of joint purchases and trips, any bank documents that declare the other person as a beneficiary, Facebook pages announcing your marriage and people's comments, copies of cards or letters exchanged, etc.

    Good luck!
  3. i think it's good if each of you will describe your relationship in your own words, like history, how the relationship developed, what you feel for each other, how your feelings grew...actually there is a question in a form (describe in your own words your relationship to the sponsor) so one of the letters will be the answer to that; also, you could write a joint letter about your future plans in Canada, etc; from what i learnt on this forum they are looking to see how you met, how the relationship and your feelings grew and your future plans

    for the times you were away from each other you could show phone bills, emails, sms; maybe cards/e-cards you sent to each other or u gave to each other on different occasions; maybe receipts from places you went out together - a concert or for a special celebration (St Valentine, bday, anniversary), trips together, honey-moon; anything you have is good proof, for the ones you don't have don't worry about it, just explain why you don't have them like you did here (no chat logs since you were all the time spending time together)

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