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proof of exit

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Abdu, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. Guys! I landed in Canada earlier this year. After staying for a couple of months in Canada, I left for about a month and planning to return in four weeks. I heard that immigration officers usually ask about a proof of the date you left Canada. What kind of proof would they accept other than the airline ticket?

    I appreciate your advice
  2. an entry stamp on your passport to a different country would also be fine, but I've never had them want anything more than a verbal answer. You're not in danger of losing your status, so I'm am sure that a verbal answer is all you'll need!
  3. I also landed and returned.
    One interesting thing nowadays is that when I leave a country (canada and my residence country), there is NO stamp chopped on the passport.
    So I have kept all the flight Boarding Pass for future reference.
    However, as Permanant resident is required to stay 730 days in 5 years in Canada, I am wondering how will they calculate? do they just trust us, or at the airport Custom, they have record in computer/ database?
  4. Well I am sure they keep track and record of all a PR does or wherever he/she goes. What we see is just an officer doing his job and just 1% of what is actually taking place out there to keep record of everything and everybody.

    But I think that showing your PR card upon re-entering will suffice to assure your next trip to Canada. You answer their question and they ll be just fine.
  5. I don't think they track much, particularly when you cross a land border with the U.S. I wasn't even asked how long I was out of Canada last time I came across.
  6. Exit - they don't bother, as long as u have a boarding pass, u r free to leave.
    Entry - they care... only about the legitimacy of your status, the PR card suffices.

    Either way, there's neither an immigr. stamp, nor the pps get checked by CBSA. It's the career [airliner] who'd check your pps for an appropriate entry requirement of the country u r flying to. They, the airline scan your pps - but no reporting is done for the CIC.

    And yes, as the 2nd poster responded - a verbal [typed response, for citizenship apps] is all they look for, in pretty much all cases - unless there's some doubt.


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