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ODSP/Ontario Works Discretionary Benefits

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by parker24, May 15, 2012.

  1. Does ANYONE know anything about this? I had to hang up on immigration because of how rude they were to me. Here's the situation.

    I'm hearing impaired, plus I have several other medical conditions, one being PCOS, which screws with my insulin and such. So, I need an IUD(sorry guys who are reading this haha) so I asked ODSP if they cover it. They tell me I need to go to Ontario Works. Now, I know that social assistance aka Ontario Works is NOT allowed when sponsoring, but ODSP told me that it's just a one time thing, and to try calling Immigration and Ontario Works to see what they know about it.

    So, I call Immigration first. On hold for 10 minutes, I finally get a woman and I explain everything I just said and she says "I'm sorry Ma'am we don't deal with that, this is immigration. You are aware you called immigration right?" ::) I told her I know and that I was told to call immigration and see if I would be able to apply for it. She then says in a really annoyed tone "Apply for WHAT?!" ... Naturally I was getting mad and I was shocked at how she spoke to me, so I had to take a deep breath. Told her AGAIN it's ODSP/OW Discretionary benefits... "We don't deal with that ma'am, we don't even know what Ontario Works IS." Seriously? How do you NOT know what that is when it's something that isn't allowed. ARGH! So I said "Okay thanks anyway" And hung up without letting her say anything else.

    I left a message with Ontario Works office near here.

    Does anyone have any idea about this? Like I said, it's only a one time thing, it's not on-going at all. I'm worried about applying for it because I don't want to affect my husband's application at all.

    Ohhh I'm so frustrated :mad:
  2. Anyone have any idea? :(

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