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Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety Officers ...

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by fly high touch the sky, May 23, 2011.

  1. Hello guys,

    just wanted to see if there are any of you who managed to find a job related to this occupation to share experiences. Since this occupation is not on NOC 29 list, I wonder if someone managed to get AEO for this job or any which is closely related to it.
  2. dear brother,

    i have seen many people who are in the field of OHSE or QHSE who have applied under 1122.


  3. How is that possible? Main duties don't match.

    NOC 2263-B: This group also includes the following titles: environmental health officer, hazardous waste inspector, health and safety officer, health standards inspector, occupational health and safety officer, pollution control inspector, public health inspector, restaurant inspector, rodent control inspector, supervisor, public health inspectors, water inspector.

    Inspectors in this unit group evaluate and monitor health and safety hazards and develop strategies to control risks in the workplace. They inspect restaurants, public facilities, industrial establishments, municipal water systems and other workplaces to ensure compliance with government regulations regarding sanitation, pollution control, the handling and storage of hazardous substances and workplace safety. They are employed throughout the private and public sectors.

    This is far away from 1122 duties, except for those who have ISO certificates, but in that case they have to be employed for outsourcing companies and have other duties which match more than 70%.

    I would like to see one example of reference letter from a person who works as OHS or EHS officer, and who applied under NOC 1122!
  4. There is a small chance for this occupation to become a part of new NOC list for FSW1 application. At least I think so, according to this prospective outlook from "Working in Canada" site.

    Projection of Job Openings vs. Job Seekers

    Category Openings %

    Expansion Demand 8,294 34%
    Retirements 13,864 57%
    Deaths 1,140 5%
    Emigration 875 4%
    Projected Job Openings 24,174 100%

    Category Seekers %

    School Leavers 14,480 75%
    Immigration 1,524 8%
    Net Mobility 3,305 17%
    Projected Job Seekers 19,308 100%
  5. I wonder if there is anyone who got his PR under NOC 1122 and who is actually working as a safety officer or specialist?
  6. OHS e-Learning site
  7. Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety
  8. Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals
  9. University of Alberta - Faculty of Extension
  10. Working in Canada report

  11. Canadian Society of Safety Engineering

  12. Silence must be heard.
    I guess there are no OHS and EHS engineers who wants to immigrate to Canada.
  13. Dear anybody knw about safety officer job in Canada...? Lots of advertisement in news plz guide me

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