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My expriences so far ... first two days in Toronto!!!

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by CharlotteJ, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. I second that sentiment. It's all very weird, indeed. Love this, hate that. Hate this, love that. The contradictions throughout the saga are too numerous to count, sometimes even in the same sentence! - "I could seat... among people who are all nicely dressed and pretty chic... nobody who cares about brand names etc, but we all wear the good high quality European stuff! .. it is the person who counts, not the "package"...

    The long story has been very entertaining to read, in an "Alice in Wonderland" kinda way. If you can glean any kind of clear picture out of it, you're a smarter person than I!

    But in fairness to Charlotte, if all these things are what she's experienced, well then that's what she's experienced and there's no reason it has to make sense. She's just relating it as she feels it, like it or lump it.

    I just would be careful of taking too much of it (especially the Canada-hate stuff) too seriously as regards your own situation.
  2. I m jealous
    I totally understand what has happened to u from your canadian experience and it has happened to many many more like myself, the initial hype and then the true color is displayed to them after spending sometime here n then choosing what is right for them.
    I hope and pray that many people will choose the right path for them
    I wish and desire for my relocation to US too
    God bless everyone
  3. Hi CharlotteJ,

    I really appreciate your candor and sharing your experience with us. At least you've tried, find it didn't work and moved on.

    I was thinking for an European to try to settle in Canada and didn't work and quit is tough and draining, what more for those from Asia, Middle East, Africa, etc. , where the exchange rates work against us very much so, and culturally much further apart. And we would face more discrimination, if I dare say.

    It would be a disaster for those of us who are older to go there, and if things don't work out , it would be costly in terms in time and money. Yes, we would have burned a lot more savings and lose time if we have to also or decide to go back to our country of origin. We would definitely find it harder to resettle and regain employment. A lot of us are thinking the grass is greener on the other side. And we hear of skills shortage, workers with certain skillsets are in demand, very open immigration policies, companies are hiring, bla, bla, bla. Although I have no doubt it will work well for some. But only for those who are probably younger, good skillsets and have less to lose than the older ones who are at bigger risk. Don't mean to sound negative. But better to think carefully before going. I guess like everything else migration is not for everyone, even if you get a ride to greener pastures, as there are no guarantees.


  4. KCCC

    I do agree with your point of view. Migration is not for everyone. I do think of this very often.

    Good luck in your future endeavors....

  5. Thanks SFD,

    All the best to you too...just read in the Globe and Mail how some immigrants "suffered" through the job hunt process. Some of them are in their 40s. Although they eventually succeeded, I'm happy for them. How about many others who didn't, and we don't hear much about them, because they had to give up and go back to their home country ?
  6. Kccc

    Guess what?

    I am 43 years old.... jejeje I am sure I will face hard time in Canada.. But what the heck... I love challenges in life...

  7. Hi SFD,

    Yes, I'm afraid it will be very challenging. If you are about 30s then no problem, if willing to work at 7-11, gardener, taxi driver, etc while waiting for job offers. Indeed, you may have to work at that for a very long time. Unless you have very special skills in your work needed in Canda, then you may be ok for your age. Remember even in Canada, there's age discrimination besides other discriminations. If you have to compete with Canadians with your same skills and who are in their 30s, it will be very tough.

    Hopefully you have enough funds also to cover the waiting period. Toronto is very expensive.

  8. Kccc

    There is a saying NEVER SAY NEVER... However, I am NOT planning on working as a gardener or a taxi driver which are decent jobs... I am working on starting a small project with a partner.. And I have no special skills... Since I had lived for a very long time in the United States and know what surviving jobs mean... If I ever have to accept one... No problem...

    Funds? I don´t have enough but what it needs for a year. Toronto is very expensive and that is why I am not moving to GTA. I am going to pay a visit first to make a choice between Markham, Brampton, Richmond Hills.

    Every start is tough and as long as you have the spirit and the strenght to overcome all hurdles, you are going to be fine... 30´s and 40´s are not the same but one counts on to use the experience and creativity to suceed...


  9. the cities quoted all belong to GTA. brampton appears to be a little cheaper than the others but it might not be much more than 15% (for rent). Markham/Richmond Hill are very similar to Toronto as long as you don't live in downtown (there're some cheap areas within Toronto).

    If you're looking for cheap places, all GTA is not the the right area for you. You might consider other provinces such as Manitoba or Nova Scotia...
  10. Clubcanada

    You are right about that. However, for business purpose it has to be in the surrounding area of GTA. Brampton might work for us...

    thanks for your inputs...

  11. Yes, Brampton I heard is cheaper, it's further away. Good luck SFD! Good that you've planned something with a partner.
  12. It appears that Charlotte really has left the building for good. It would be interesting to know how is she doing back in Holland, and whether the problems there that prompted her emigration to Canada will surface again, or has her experience in Canada mellowed her, allowing her to accept Holland's problems with equanimity?
  13. Toby

    What Charlotte did it something many would do. However, the $ fact, does not allowed us to do the same as her, or better say it´s an obstacle for doing so. Someone, mentioned that we ought to plan very careful our trip to canada by not resigning from work until we have a better idea how it´s going to be. Pay a visit just for PRV formality, search jobs etc.. Then, think about moving for good... It may sense to me and I am going to work on that this summer. (Travel to Canada).

  14. Let's just move on.... Dwelling on these negative things about Canada will only disappoint us. Be positive! ;)
  15. i 2nd that ,if we focus on the negatives we'll suffer and we wont succeed ,every country has it's positives and negatives . so just be positive folks and everything will be alright :)

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