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MPNP Application Batch 2013

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Tweety05, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. hi, i am new. i have already received my manitoba provincial nominee letter last nov 2012. i am now submitting documents to the CIO in novo scota. my question is -- Do I have to submit supporting documents of my 10-yr history (in the general application form) and supporting documents of my funds available? This info is not specified in the checklist. Should I follow the checklist and ONLY include documents specified? or be in the safe side and submit MORE rather than LESS? Thank you. Any reply would be greatly appreciated so I can send off my application to CIO asap (I'm hoping this week) :)
  2. I suggest you follow the checklist strictly.
  3. 100% sure MPNP will answer ur queries via MPNP website......
    my sponsor was already advised to submit the settlement plan part 2 and other supporting docs.....
    thank GOD.....
  4. one last quick question -- will i fill up the payer information in the official receipt printout (I did online credit card payment) or just leave it blank?
  5. I read that yesterday, you have to fill that up by pen. Goodluck on your app. ;D
  6. thanks kurt. :) i submitted it thru courier yesterday. :)
  7. Anytime. ;D All the best.
  8. Hi,everyone in the house,Tommyhenry is the name,also still new in the house,am glad to share my timeline.

    FILE # RECEIVED:FEB.24TH 2013.


  9. Welcome to the group. ;D
  10. greetings!

    i receive an email yesterday, march 11 2013 about the document i recently provide them. it just said that it is a receipt of my email. and they cannot provide any status update on my application because it takes time away from assessing my applications. am i on a right track? my sponsor also said that maybe they will not ask for my ielts anymore coz they already ask for my additional documents.
  11. hi!

    are you in charge for the batch timeline?? it's been a while since the last update. just a heads up.. thanks in advance!
  12. Hey Guys!

    asking for your professional advise. I really want to apply now but i have not taken the IELTS and my money is just one month old. Im planning for General Stream (Provincial Nominee Program)


  13. Take the IELTS first, the new point system will be effective next month, so it would be best to collate first all essential requirements. Plus, they will abolish the streams, as long as you scored 60 and up with connection (friend and relative) you will be eligible.

  14. Thanks! Kurt

    God Bless
  15. Hello.. I'm new here. can i ask question(s)? the documents that i will be sending thru online toll must be notarized or not? thanks

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