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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by auie09, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. oh, i see. me too I just have 63 points for FSW. thats why i chose to apply with MPNP. I hope we all get approved!!!
  2. Hi, did you state in your application that you have a brother in toronto?
  3. hi everyone,

    I'm from Manitoba and I'm sponsoring my sister under the Family Stream. I submitted her application early Feb. 2011, and received her AOR March 2011. I was interviewed by MPN officer over the phone April 21, 2011, and I got her letter of approval in the mail today, dated April 27, 2011. My advice is not to state in your application any connections you have outside Manitoba, and to have an amount in your bank acct with funds over than what they require. I have an aunt in toronto, and cousins in quebec, but I told the officer who interviewed me that I don't have relatives outside Manitoba. Goodluck to all!
  4. hello lorie,

    congratulations,,,,,I am also mpnp general stream applicant of feburary 2011got AOR.But my sponcer did not get any call till now,,,,

    Waiting is really boring..
  5. Hello everyone,

    Can anyone care to advice me on this? My application forms was dated October 02, 2010 however due to some delays from my friend/sponsor it was submitted only on last week of March 2011. I received a letter from MPNP [April 03, 2011] confirming they received my application but considered as INCOMPLETE. They have provided me a temporary file number and requesting for additional docs - updated letters of reference from current employer. Since I am the principal applicant I assume they only need MY updated letters of reference from current employer (they did not specify to provide spouse's updated information). Now the concern is, my husband is currently unemployed (due to mass reduction from previous employer) and still looking for a new job. Do I need to disclose it as well? Please advice. :(
  6. hi lorie.. i also applied in mpnp last march under general stream but i had to declare my husband's sister in our application. your sister's LOA is quite fast hope i'll get mine as well.

  7. Hello everyone!

    I got my AOR today !! thank you Lord! i applied april 1 2011 :)
  8. mmclaro congrats... Lets wait for ur loa keep us posted okey.. all the best...
  9. Guys want to ask some query? The required funds is 11015 for single applicant? when it starts? I send mail to mpnp last april 6 and ask the settlement of funds regarding the changes but they told me that still 10kcad im confuse now because my funds is only 10++++ on my first application i was denied because of my funds....
  10. HELLO esr!

    we just keep on praying . :) goodluck to all of us! yes i will keep everyone posted!

    God Bless!
  11. Hello ESR,

    All I know is you have to have 10,000 CAD to qualify, but i guess its better to have more than that.. so that its safe..
  12. hello to all Pinoys,

    Please see my previous inquery and let me know your advice please. I applied [principal applicant] under MPNP general stream got an AOR on April 04,2011 but considered as INCOMPLETE, they provided me a temporary file number and requested to provide updated letters of reference from current employer [must be completed/submitted before July 2011]. Do I also need to provide the updated info of my husband although it is not specified on the letter? Please help me on this. Salamat po!
  13. i suggest you update both
  14. dear auie09,

    thank you very much...for your advice.
    I have another question, we have also renewed our passport do I need to send copies of our passport along with the letter of references or should I wait for their request?

  15. You should also include copies of your new passports and disclose any other changes since the time of your application, just to be safe and avoid further delays.

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