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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by mef, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. Hello Genona,

    I am not in a position to politicaly judg the situation in Syria now. but:

    I have been to the interview last October, the embassy located at Mezzah which is 50 minutes driving form the International Airport crossing through the center of Damascus.

    As far I know, there is no demonestration taking place in Damascus neither Mezzah. There are 3 options I beleive:

    - Quebec would consider Syria's current status and they may divert interviews to another location within the region
    - Delay all applications till further notice
    - Not ask for interview and try to pass people over.

    If I were in you shoes, I ouldn't bother alot about it, one of above shall happen.....

    All the luck
  2. glad to hear from u mef, i shouldd always be positive bout it, thats the only option 2 succeed in this journey..bydway, i want to share regarding my bank statement queries.. i emailed them biq damascus if its ok if i send the copy of my passbook instead of bank statement. they actually replied to me in french! i have it translated to a frend whom i knew in this forum who's french is his first languge.. they say..its ok i csn send the copy of my passbook and to sign the financial contract. i already get my certificate of attendance frm alliance for my level a1, i hope they will consider it for now...
  3. Dear friends,

    Though my BIQ is not Damascus but as I read some applicants who biq is Damascus are worried about the political uncertainties in Syria and their impact on process of their CSQ application, so I thought it is better to share some of my experiences which I have from Persian apply-board forum.

    Dear friends!

    I know a lot of Iranian who had interview in the month of June and July but 3-4 days ago most of them received interview cancellation e-mail from BIQ Damascus. I would like to share one of those e-mails with you:


    Pour des raisons hors de notre contrôle, nous devons annuler votre

    Dès qu’une nouvelle date sera arrêtée, une nouvelle lettre de
    convocation vous sera transmise par courriel. Veuillez d’ici là ne pas
    nous réécrire.

    Nous regrettons très sincèrement tout inconvénient que cette situation
    pourrait vous causer.

    Nous vous prions de recevoir l’expression de nos sentiments les


    so you can make out of this e-mail that what is really going on there.

    I didn't want to propagate any kind of negativity but what is really happening there is matter of concern and as friends in the Persian apply board are discussing is that they might shift to another country in order to continue their job.

    Hope it is going to help you a bit and bring you out of uncertainties.


    * this is the link to apply board Persian if you really want to make sure .

  4. hi, im planning to log in my application next week..so shall i submit to biq damascus? im confused now...
  5. mef, i want to ask u if i can also submit my papers in biq hk? im confused either hk or damascus.. :(
  6. Hello Genona,

    Where are you residing now?
  7. im working right now here in dubai more than 1 yr now..
  8. Genona,

    You must send your application to Damascus:


    sending tO HK will result only in further delay and eventually they will send your application back.

    Good luck... don't wait, just send it now>>>>>>>>>>>>
  9. thanks... ive been away cuz of some work related issues...
    its going to be almost 2 months and we havnt heared from them....no AOR no file number!
    with the political situation going worst i m thinking should i contact them or what...?

    sombody told me that if all the paper work is in place and they dont require anything they will not send the file number...m not sure about the authenticity of this...
    we have registered for allaince de francais...and taking our beginner course....i was thinkig to send the reciept of admission through fax. Will that work if i dont have a file number yet?

    Any Suggestions/info would be much appreciated.

  10. @ mef, thx for the reply...now i finally made up my mind to submit it to damascus all i can di=o is pray for the best..

    bydway, u just wanted to ask about 8 STICKY LABELS? and how to go about my papers i mean what envelope to use and how to arrange it in order..and do i need to make a cover letter? am going to submit it ths week! any format? please help
  11. @ Genona,

    Glad that you made up your mind to ldge your application:

    - 8 sticky lables: we bought them from the library which comes in diferent sizes and shapes and printed out on the our address.
    - Cover letter : we haven't written any, I remember we made excell sheet as index including all required documents and tick beside each done.

    @ kfzmm : I beleive all what you hear around is just romers that spread your mind in different directions taking you no where, I advise you to be patient and wait. I am waiting for my medical now for 2 month and dying to get any news..... but still steel standing and not going to bother the immigration till i get some thing..................

    Thanks Guys for contacting me, please address any question you need answers for...
  12. hi mef, thx I read in one post here that damascus office is now closed, is it true? any idea coz im sending my documents this week..
  13. Genona,

    Beleive me after i received my CSQ from Damas and sent my Federal App. to Abu Dhabi, I am not a lot following news from Damas Office............ If c losed now, give them a call to make sure before sending any docs...... they answer the phone immediately...

    Their contact numbers are all listed on their website.......

  14. The Bureau d'immigration du Québec in Damascus is closing and its activities relocated to Montréal

    The Ministère de l’Immigration et des Communautés culturelles wishes to inform its clientele that the Québec Immigration Office in Damascus is now closed. All immigration activities there have been transferred to the Ministère’s offices in Montréal.

    The Ministère would like to reassure its clientele that it is committed to diligently pursuing its Middle Eat activities. When necessary, the Ministère’s selection interviews with immigration candidates from the Middle East will take place in neighbouring territories easily accessible to the clientele. This practice, which is standard for the Ministère, is already used in several territories .Contact us

    Management of economic migration - International
    Service North America, North Africa and Middle East
    Department of Immigration and Cultural Communities
    285, rue Notre-Dame West, 4th Floor
    Montreal (Quebec) H2Y 1T8
  15. @ mef,shall i send to quebec address? its in their website that indeed its closing..

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