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Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by jaena, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Good day,

    I apply for a job in Alberta Canada and I already received my LMO with System File Number.
    They give me this website to prove that this is true, but I need to double check everything.
    How can I check that this is true or not, because the agency now is asking for a payment.
    Before I pay them. I need to make that this things is true.

    Please help me
    Thank you.
  2. Hello there. As far as I know there isn't a website you could check that. It's only your employer that can check for the LMO application status, and he/she needs to call Service Canada wherever the application has been submitted and get the info. You could call and try and explain the situation but because of the privacy act they got I doubt they'd give you the info, but you could still try. Hope this helps.
  3. what agency did u applied? check if that agency have licensed to operate in alberta... in LMO stated that " no business operator may directly or indirectly demand or collect a fee, reward or other compensation from a person who is seeking an employment.... :eek: :eek: :eek:
  4. I have also received lmo for quebec website given for confirmation i thought a fraud website. And my immigration lawyer is also asking for huge amount I am in doubt can any one tell me way that how i can check genuineness of these documents

    Can you tell me which website link you have received ????????? you can email me @ thakur.madhu21@gmail.com

  5. You shouldn't have to pay anything for an LMO. If you have to pay money - I would be very concerned that it's a scam.
  6. I have not paid anything for LMO, but i had paid for CAQ, TWP and immigration clearance
    but Now my lawyer asking for CAD$ 4000 as his consultation fee before visa stamping
    he assured me that visa is 101% sure

    what you suggest
  7. What's the link to the Quebec web site that you received for confirmation?
  8. I checked my LMO confirmation on this site vfs.canada.ca.tf

    but now it seems to me that this weblink is not genuine
  9. Is this the visa tracker you used?


    If so, then this is not a Quebec web site and it is not a Canadian government web site. This web site is run by company with business in India and Nepal.
  10. actually im not able to post complete web link vfs-canada.ca.tf

    this one i used, one of immigration lawyer is processing for my application according to him he is from quebec but here in India he is in Canadain Embassy he is running his own forum i.e lawyerbillardimmigration
  11. I guess you are Canada, Can you tell me if i will send you LMO and TWP can you tell me genuineness of these docs???

    plz do the needful as im really in confusion i have already paid fee $182 for CAQ + $400 for TWP + 550 for immigration Clearance + $4000 consultation fee into the lawyers personal account
  12. No - sorry, I can't tell you if the documents are genuine. I don't know what these documents are supposed to look like.

    Note that whatever web site you were using to try to confirm these documents is not a Canadian government or Quebec government web site. It doesn't matter that you can't post the entire web link for vfs-canada.ca.tf. Even without a full link, I can easily see this is not a government web site. It is the web site of a private company.

    Good luck.
  13. ok thanks
    i will update if anything happens positive

    plz confirm how we can judge that this site is not government
  14. There are many clues this isn't a government web site. You can tell just by how it looks (i.e. how the pages look). Compare this web site to sites such as CIC and you'll see a huge difference. Also, clicking on the "contact us" link should take you to a long list of phone numbers (including 1-800 numbers), visa office addresses, etc. The contact us link from this web sites takes you to just two addresses that clearly aren't government. Also, if you read any of the words on the site - you can see this is an agency / consultant site (not a direct government site). There are many more clues. As soon as I saw this site I could clearly see it wasn't a government site. If your consultant told you this was a government site - he is lying to you.

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