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Letter of proficiency of English Language

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by dream.rendezvous, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. Dear all,
    These forums are very useful, and I have been following them to fill the application. I was about to send the apps when I read on the forums the new rules, so thanks again !!

    My question is .. I am scoring about 73 marks even if I consider only 8 marks for English proficiency. I have a PG, a job in one of the biggest companies in the World. Reading the forums, it seems that they ask for IELTS for almost everyone. Is there a way to get around it ? I heard from some friends that if I write (hand-write) the proof, and send all my employment letters, awards, certifications, then they do consider it and don't ask for IELTS.
    Does anyone have some knowledge of such a tactic ?

    Should I attach a score of 67 claiming the most basic proficiency of language ?

    Thanks in advance !

  2. If you are confident with your English, then why not to take IELTS? they recommend and advise again and again, You must take IELTS as proof of english proficiency. Letter of English proficiency is only advised where your native language is English. So, even you are native English speaker, still you need to give proof of English language. I red here many members, they are living since many years in uk,usa, they done their master etc degree and working in native english speaking countries but CIC request thme to submit proof of English proficiency. A part, you can do write a letter explain you educational, working back ground in English, but its highly recommended that you take IELTS.
  3. i got a certification that English is the medium of instruction both in school where i graduated & employer but still end up doing the ielts. I guess, everybody should submit it as proof of one's English proficiency.
  4. Thanks !
    No problem giving any exam of english... just wanted to see if I can save on the extra 300 bucks. Thanks again !

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