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In the Philippines How Can we Acquire a Working Permit

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by aima123, Jan 20, 2007.

  1. Can you share with us about on how can we acquire a working permit here in the Philippines for Canada?
  2. Work permits are issued in Canada...You must have an employer in Canada who will give you a job,and they will give you work permit, but thats with the approval of the Canadian Labor Market.
  4. Hi!

    First, in order for you to acquire a work permit from Philippines. You need to have a prospective employer who wants to hire you. Then, the employer will apply your LMO or Labour Market Opinion to Canada's HRDSC.After having a positive result the employer will sent it to you along w/ the job offer and contract. Then that is the only time that you can pass your application to the Embassy of Canada. You can check out the requirements at www.manila.gc.ca,working in canada section. You need to ready Php 6450 in the form of manager's check or money order made payable to "Canadian Embassy, Manila"and include it along w/ your other requirements. Then you need to call the toll-free # to schedule a pick-up of courrier which is Air21 and it cost Php320.00 Cash on Delivery. Your need to pass all your original copies anyways it will be returned to you. Ofcourse you need to have your passport. After passing all your documents wait for about 2 weeks you will be recieving a letter of medical request and you need to have your medical test that would cost you Php4000.00 and your lab. results will automatically be forwarded to the embassy after 2 weeks. After that you need to wait again for the result after approx. 2 mos. and if everything goes well the courrier will giveback all your requirements along w/ your visa. And then you can take PIDOS to POEA that will cost Php 7000.00.I hope this helps.
  5. Thank you for that information mc_mayonado. It really helps. Now I start looking for a prospective employer in order for me to work in Canada.
  6. Hi to everyone here, Im applying for a work Permit as a Powerline Technician
    last april 30 I did my medical
    Dec 1 applied for tourist to canada for job interview
    Dec 15 fly to canada
    March applied for LMO
    April 15 received LMO and submitted application to the embassy
    April 30 medical
    june 3 received a letter from Canadian Embassy acknowledged receiving my application and Medical results had been passed
    a note there informed me that I will be contacted within the 12 week time frame since submitting my application

    I would just like to ask anyone here who knows, how much longer do I have to wait after june 3 2007


  7. Hi there! From what i know after june 3 you will just need to wait for approx. 2-3 mos more. Probably sometime in august or september. But if you want if your in manila you can check www.manila.gc.ca to double check. Look at the processing time frame section of Immigration and visa. I believe you have a big chance of securing a visa because your line of work is very indemand there.
  8. my agency submitted my papers last may 16 but until now i still dont have my request for medical.is this normal?
  9. thanks, Im keeping my fingers crossed that it would come before the end of July.

    yes Powerline Tech is very in demand check this site out http://powerlineworker.angelfire.com/

    other skilled filipino workers like roofers and tile setters are in urgent need too with employers ready to file the lmo/work permit to qualified aplicants you can see an add in the web site about it.
  10. wjmartensen, I'm a little lost here, seeing your timeline, you've done your medical prior to receiving letter from Canadian Embassy acknowledging that they received your application. Because Mine is, I received letter from Embassy acknowledging that they receive my application and intsruction to take the medical, both letter arrived at the same time.
  11. Ei guys ,

    new here at the forum, i have federal skill application submitted in the embassy last Nov. 2006 and got the AOR last Jan 2007. At this time i might get an employer from alberta I was already been interview over the phone and they can give a 1 year work permit.
    If ever that my prospective employer will issue a work permit, myquestion is, what will happen to my previous FSW application, should I contact the CIC that I have an employer and update my application?
    What about the fees? In my application as a FSW, I have my family with me.
    Any info about my case?


  12. Someone else had asked this same question, and was responded to. Click on this link and, read my first post (Libra), it answers your question and numbered 1 to 7:


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