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How to get re-entry visa from Philippines

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by echos47, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. Hi !I am currently working here in Canada as a live-in caregiver and has a plan to visit my family in my home country Philippines by January 2013. I made an application last month for a temporary residence visa and had been submitted here in Ottawa Canada. Unfortunately they requiring me to attend for an interview in Detroit Michigan by Dec 11, 2012, which is in the United States and for me to be able to attend an interview there is still I need to have a US VISA. I did an application for US Visa 2 days ago and I`m not sure when they will grant me an appointment for an interview as soonest time.

    My question is if I am not be able to get my re-entry visa here in Canada for the reason of did not complying for an interview because I find it to much expensive to fly in Detroit and takes time to complete the process of my US visa. Would I still be able to come back in my home country without having a re-entry visa before I leave Canada? Would I be able to get an application for a re-entry visa in the Philippines when I get there? What are those requirements to fulfill?(I have a valid work permit issued last Sept 2012, passport is still valid, LMO, CAQ, letter from employer allowing me to have a vacation in my home country,what else do I need to provide?) Do they requiring for an interview just like when you apply here in Canada? How long it will take to process a re-entry visa? Is there any links on website that might be helpful?

    Thank you.. I hope you will be able to answer my inquiries..
  2. Must be special circumstances why you were requested to be interviewed at a VO outside of Canada. Have not heard that too often of re-entry visa applicants being asked for an interview even from the thread for applicants at CPP-O. Here is the thread:

    You can exit the Canada without a re-entry visa, but you cannot return back without it. Here is a link for applying in the PH - http://www.canadainternational.gc.ca/philippines/visas/returning_work_temp_travailler_retournant.aspx?lang=eng&view=d

    /hope this helps...
  3. Hi,

    Thanks Ragluf for that information. Lots of people are wondered too why does the interview should be done in Detroit. I email them but still they requiring me to attend the interview.

    I can't decide if I need to push through my plan to visit my family in Philippines because I don't want to take the chance to get visa in Philippines.If they will grant me a visa then that's good there will be no problem when coming back here in Canada, but if not I will get stuck in there..

    Does anybody know or have an experience that have same as in my situation..

  4. There is something amiss here - because by exiting Canada to attend to your interview in Detroit, and not having a re-entry visa with you when you exit, you don't have entry documentation back to Canada. You will be dependent on the positive outcome from your interview in Detroit and an immediate issuance of the re-entry visa and you should have applied for multiple entry - a single entry will be used up coming back from Detroit to Canada if you intend to take a flight from Canada to the PH on your vacation. Then you will have to get another re-entry visa again for use in coming back from the PH.

    Would not hurt to write then again (perhaps via registered mail?) and explain the circumstance, and that having come from a non-visa exempt country, you require a visa to attend to your interview in the US and re-entry visa back again (which is the object of your application). Am not too comfortable of the possibility of being stuck in the US and not being able to come back into Canada should the application fail.

    /good luck...
  5. Thanks again. You have a point of view. I'm thinking right now to make a letter (registered mail) to them. Perhaps they will realize how difficult for me to take the risk of exiting Canada just to attend for my interview..If I`m not sure they will grant even a single entry visa in order for me to come back here in Canada..
  6. Good luck. Make sure you state , you are here in-country with legal status, and residing in Canada (provide your address in Canada) and you are seeking clarification,
    - on the reason for an interview,
    - and on the need for you to go to Detroit for this interview as this requires you to get an entry visa to the US,
    - and explain that it is your intent is to go immediately back to Canada after the interview and thus you will need a re-entry visa to be issued to you before going to Detroit. And attach the email sent to you instructing you to go to an an interview to be done in Detroit, for their reference. Also you could ask them - should the interview be required still- that this interview be done at a CIC office near where you are.

    There must be something crossed in the processing of your application somewhere - it does not hurt to clarify why.

    /God bless and all the best to you...
  7. I'm really wondering why you have to undergo an interview in Detroit. I just came back from my 2nd vacation to the Philippines 2 weeks ago. I also applied a re-entry visa in Ottawa- CPPO. I just followed the instructions and after 3 weeks I got my re-entry. No interviews whatsoever.

    Anyway, I have tried getting a re-entry visa too in the Philippines on my first vacation. I just phoned the call center and have it scheduled for pick-up at my house. You just have to comply with all the requirements to avoid delay in processing. I got mine after a week only!

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