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how to get a job while you are out of the canada

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by useless79, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    I from India and working as a software engineer. I consulted with this
    site for knowing how to get PR. But they told me that if you have
    any job offer from canada it would be easy to get PR there.Hence I
    uploaded my resume on www.monster.ca one month back. But could
    not get a single call so far.Could any one tell me what to do in this
    situation and how to get a job offer from canada being in India. Is there
    any employer who will take interest in my CV if I don't have any visa?

  2. If you want a job offer, you need to do a lot more than just upload your resume on monster.ca and wait for people to call you. You need to look for job ads and contact people by email or by phone before you send them your CV. This is important because personal contact may help them remember you and actually look at your CV. You may send a lot of CV's without getting a response or you may get lucky and get an offer fast.

    There was a member on this board who said they send literally thousands of CV's and there was one employer they were in email contact with discussing the possibility of getting a job there for a year before the employer finally said ok and applied for an LMO for them. Getting a job offer will depend on how wanted your skills are and how lucky you get and how persistant you are with your search.

    Here are some job websites:

  3. how to get a job while you are out of the canada

    Hey Buddy its difficult if you are not in Canada......All you can do is apply, apply and apply and keep your fingers crossed.
  4. Thanks for your reply. I will try to follow as you advised.
    But could you tell me which state will be better for me I can
    bear moderate cold and love beaches.Which is your state
    regarded as IT hub where I can get a lot of opportunity to
    explore my self in this field. And one last but important
    question. I checked the annual slary of a software enginner
    through salary calculator of this site and came to know that
    average slary of an software enginner in canada is around
    50 - 60 thousnds CAD per annum and the annual rent of
    2BHK room is around 2 thousand CAD per month which
    comes around 18 thousand per annum. Apart from this you
    have to pay taxes around 30 to 50 % of your salary.
    And at last your daily spending. At the year end you will
    have savings of around 20 thousand.With this little amount
    is it possible to leave in a city like Toronto and Montreal ?
    How a person can servive with this earnings in costly
    country like canada ? Please help in this matter and suggest
    some idea.Tell me if I am wrong somewhere with data.
  5. I don't know how much a software engineer makes but I don't think your rent is going to be 2000 a month unless you live in some luxury apartment building with pool and gym and guy who holds the door open for you.

    Your taxes off 50-60 grand should not be more than 30%, probably less.
  6. Hi Leon

    Googled and came across this site.
    I believe you can maybe gimme suggestions on how to proceed .

    I already hold a PR card and lived in canada for 7 years.Moved bck to india for my son(canadian citizen) for his studies and im working in india with a huge organisation.Now i wanna move bck to canada my and found my PR card expired and hence have applied for a travel document.

    Im job hunting too.Is is possible for me to find a job before landing in canada so i can board on to canada with certainity.
  7. Yes, you can look a few posts above where I posted links to some job search websites. You can look on there. Just make sure you tell them you are already a PR so you are free to take the job, no work permit needed.
  8. Thanks Leon.

    For the past 2 weeks i have been applying online and also calling in person and enquiring.But none of those have been fruitful...as soon as i tell them im calling from india they say upload your profile on our website.Is ther any way ican draw their attention to recruit me or mayb arrange for an intrvu.

    Im keen on holding a job offer before january before i land in canada since i have a kid.
    Is there any organisations that would mayb take interest in my profile and forward me thru an interview process.Im willing to pay them the charges applicable for the help.I heard some agencies will do that but i need to give them my first month salary as a fee...do u know of any trust worthy agencies like that??

    Im currently employed in TCS and im interested in getting into Rogers ON i heard its an employee centered org.And also can you please suggest such companies i can go and appply online.
  9. I am Civil Engineer from India. I am trying to find a job in Canada.
    anybody help me to find a job in canada in a faster way.
    also IELTS required for Civil Engineer positions or job?
  10. Most Engineers I know make 80-100K, and even more if their higher up in management. I'm from Calgary.

    Anyway the tax thing, you are getting it confused. The Canadian tax system is VERY complicated, there are tons of deductions and things you can claim etc..you should consult a professional when filing taxes.

    Also the % of taxes does not apply to the full salary. It works in ranges, 30% -50% does not apply to your full salary!

    It's like this

    15% on the first $41,544 of taxable income, +
    22% on the next $41,544 of taxable income (on the portion of taxable income between $41,544 and $83,088), +
    26% on the next $45,712 of taxable income (on the portion of taxable income between $83,088 and $128,800), +
    29% of taxable income over $128,800.

    Provincial tax rates vary, Alberta has a flat tax rate of 10%,

    Ontario has a tax rate like this 5.05% on the first $37,774 of taxable income, +
    9.15% on the next $37,776, +
    11.16% on the amount over $75,550
  11. Also , to the general thread. Of course it will be difficult to get that kind of a job right now, a lot of Canadians are also looking. It would be tough to find an employer who is willing to hire you, however the employer also has to convince service Canada that there are no Canadians who can do the job, that's why it's so tough. With the recession service Canada is more reluctant to give out an LMO, plus why would an employer go through that trouble when they can just find a local person to do it?
  12. May i eligible to get job in canada?

    Mr Leon,

    I am new to this site, Actually i am trying to get job in canada is it possible for me. i have finished ITI in Fitter trade (Industrial

    Training Institute) in India, Then I have finished Act Apprentice In india after that I was applied job to singapore. I have 4 years

    Experience in Singapore as a Service Technician. i have resingned my singapore job on 2010. till now i am working in india as a

    Senior Technician. May i Eligible to get job in canada? Please Advise me.
  13. hi leon yor r really help full to ever 1 as wat i had seen till yet please hel me also to find a job in canada....
  14. hi all
    i m new to this side as i m also searching the job in canada & i stay in india so can any 1 guide me finding a job there.it will b really help full for me

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