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How to enter in Canada with expired PR card and how to renew it?

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by camts1, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. Dear concerns,

    My PR card is expired in last month and i spend only 480 days in canada due to my family problems in my home country. My mother was expired and now my old father is alone here and ill. Due to that i couldnt complete my no. of days.

    My two questions are ;
    1. Can I enter in canada with expire PR card? Or Can i get Travel document from local consulate ?
    2. Once i entered in canada then what will i have options to renew my PR card?

    Now I have plans to go canada on permenant basis. Please suggest accordingly.


  2. Hi

    1. If you have only spent 480 days in Canada in the last 5 years, you have lost your PR status.
    2. If you card has expired, then you should contact the local consulate, they will determine if your status is lost.
    3. If you arrive at a Canadian port of entry, the IO will probably determine that you failed to meet your PR obligation and report you for inquiry. The IO will let you in to Canada and you will have 30 days to Appeal the IAB (Immigration Appeal Board) or the removal order becomes effective.

  3. PR card renewed successuflly but I am in USA currently

    Hi, I have applied renew PR card when the card is valid, but the approval came after my card expired.

    I came to US for job interview before the card expired and now I got a job offer in USA, and I received a letter from Candian Immigration office and asked me to go back to Canada picking up my new card.

    But how can I travel to Canada with an expired PR card? If I apply the travel documents in USA, would be ok?

    Please advise me.

    Thank you,

  4. You can apply for a travel document in the USA to get back to Canada to pick up your card.
  5. Hi,

    You may enter from the states by a private vehicle. They do not ask for PR card. All they ask for is the landing papers and your passport. That has been the experience of one of my friends.
  6. PR expired

    We came to Canada in 2005 and left the country with in 1.5 months. My son was 11 year old at that time. PR expired in 2010 and we never went back to Canada. Now, my son got admission in University of Toronto as International Student. Is there any way to revive his immigration or we should reapply again? I would like to keep second option of reapplying as last option.

  7. Re: PR expired

    As your son was a minor child at the time you made the decision for him to leave Canada and this was not under his control, he has a very good chance at reviving his PR. He should apply for a PR travel document at the Canadian embassy in your country. This document will allow him to go to Canada and apply for his PR card. As a PR, his tuition fees will also be lower.
  8. Re: PR expired

    yes your son can re-establish his residency status in Canada.
  9. Re: PR expired

    But what your suggestion for parent who are on same boat as sgaur can they also get there PR back?
    This is i'm asking for my brother he is in same boat as "Sgaur"
  10. It depends on his reasons for not being able to meet the residency requirements. If he had humane and compassionate grounds like taking care of a sick parent or similar, he may be given a travel document to return. If he just stayed away because he got a good job or something like that, then he lost his PR by choice.
  11. yes he is away due to job all over the world.
    Thanks for your time
  12. If he got the job in Canada and they transferred him to other countries, then his time working for that employer would count towards his PR.
  13. Hi Admin,
    I and my wife got single entry visa in May 2010, we landed in Canada in October 2010 and got PR cards after that, which will expire in Nov 2015. However, me and my wife have to leave Canada after two weeks of landing. I am working in United Kingdom on the fixed term contract and with my wife and my son accompanying me in the United Kingdom. I am in confused situation and need your help and advice. I cannot leave United Kingdom by feb of 2015 because of Job contract

    How can I keep my PR status if I cannot meet 730 days presence in Canada requirement. If I send my wife and son to Canada and continue my work in United Kingdom until (end of my contract) Feb 2015 , Can I still enter in Canada with my valid PR card but obviously I wouldn’t met 730 days presence requirement. In this scenario who I can save my PR status and how my wife and son can help me. Please give me BEST advice

    Thanks All
  14. Hi

    1. You have to meet the 2/5 years to maintain PR status. Your family will have to return to Canada by mid October 2013 and remain for 2 years to maintain their status.
    2. If you don't return, then your spouse would have to sponsor you.
  15. Re: PR expired as minor and its revival- Guidelines.

    I have a very peculiar case regarding my PR. I was granted PR in August 2004 as minor along with my Father which in 2009 expired. I was at that time 14 yrs of age. I stayed in Canada for about 01 month and after which I returned back to India. I was at that time a secondary school student who was entirely dependent on my father’s decision as a minor . Since my father was a Senior Federal Government officer he was not able to make up for returning :( back to Canada for settlement due to his own reasons. I had to abide to his decision under Indian circumstances which is very harsh & common. Now I have made up my mind firmly to return back to Canada and settle. I have finished Graduation in Engineering (Mechanical) from a high ranking Institute with good CGPA. Is there any way to revive my PR or I should reapply again? I would like to keep second one as last option. Please guide and help.

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