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how to change visitor visa to a work permit visa

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by navveer, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. hi there ,i am indian citizen and leagly resident of spain, i am going to canada on a visitor visa.
    i want to ask that can i change my visitor status to a work permit holder while my stay in canada?
    or i have to come back to spain,and apply again for a work permit visa..?

    if i can change my status while living in canada ,,then how long the total process takes normally??
    [glow=red,2,300]plz,,reply ...[/glow].
  2. Hi

    1. No.
    2. You would have to find an employer, who advertises the position on the Job Bank for 2 weeks. Then has to apply to HRSDC for a Labour Market Opinion and demonstrate why no Canadians or PRs are available or qualified for the position.
    3. As you require a TRV to enter Canada, you have to apply for the work permit at a Canadian office outside Canada.
    4. LMOs can take 6-16 weeks for approval depending on the province.
  3. thanx buddy,,,,,
    plese read .....

    1. i am talking about alberta province.

    2. if i will have a employer who offer me a job after all the procedure of HRSDC And LMO........
    then is it possible to change my status while my stay in canada.?
    (means if i have a job letter after arriving in canada as a visitor, is there any way to change my status as work permit holder

    plz reply.......
  4. thanx buddy

    plz read

    1. am talking about alberta province.
    2. if i have a job offer from an employer after all the procedure of HRSDC AND LMO...then is there any way to change my status from visitor to work permit holder....? (i mean to say thatwhile my stay in canda, if i find an employer,then what is the procedure?)

    3.and the time limit of alberta province in this type of cases?
  5. Hola,

    like every tourist you can change your tourist visa into work permit. But you need a job offer and the employer has to follow some rules (like Job Bank etc).

    Some jobs don't need an LMO, thats all written in detail in the CiC website.

    If your tourist Visa is close to expire you can always file an extension, normally 6 months or 1 year with a good reason for your extension (job search is not a good reason).

    With a temporary work permit you can work here for 4 years, after that you have to leave or try to apply for PR.

    Don't believe it will be easy, I am in Alberta since more than 1 year and found no company willing to fill out an LMO so far. But got lots of illegal job offers .. which is a high risk to you get deported if you accept.

    1. you are in alberta and doing same job since one year or have changed?

    2. if you find an employer who do lmo and other things can you go to him? or its illeagal to leave ur employer before expires permit.?

    3. cant you go to other province to find an employer who offer you job after LMO?
  7. I'm in Alberta, yes, but never got a legal job here. Its very hard to get any kind of job without a open work permit or PR.

    The LMO is fixed to the employer who gives you the job contract. If you change the employer later, you have to redo the LMO as far as I know. Ask in the other sub forum to clarify that. Of course, as a tourist you can search inside whole Canada to find someone to give you the job offer and an LMO. Some companies like trucking have pre-approved LMOs, some computer jobs don't need LMOs.
  8. thanx a lot pummelchen
    you have been so helpful........
    thanx a lot.
  9. I have the same issue here, my boss and I flew to Toronto last July 13. As for me i have tourist visa while my boss Is a resident here in Canada. Will I be able to get work permit as a live-in caregiver while here as a tourist? If so, what do I need for this application? Thanks in advance for any reply.
  10. Well, I have a same question here.........................
    I am from Nepal and have a Greek Resident card and Nepali passport.My wife is a Greek citizen and my child has born in Greece .
    Here are some information we would like to know :

    1. We all need visa?(what kind of visa can we apply ?)
    2. Is the process for me and them are same?
    3. If I will find any job there in Canada Can I change my visa into working visa ? If so what will be the process that we have to follow?
    4.How long will be the processing period?

    plzzzz help us out here....................
  12. Hi

    1. You need a TRV (visitor visa) to enter Canada, you wife and child don't.
    2. Read 1
    3. You are putting the cart before the horse. You have to find a job, the employer has to advertise the position on the job bank for 2 weeks, demonstrate why no Canadians/PR qualified when s/he applies for a Labour Market Opinion from HRSDC. Only if the LMO is approved, then you can apply for a work permit at a Port of Entry, IF the job doesn't require a medical.
    4. LMO 6-16 weeks plus advertising.
  13. Hi all

    I have a question, my wife is in Canada in Toronto. She is studying there and soon she is graduating. My intention is to come there after her graduation. and she is applying for work permit after that .

    I am applying for trv,

    1. Is there any chance that i will get trv i have permanent job here in my country and have some business.
    2. Is there any chance that i will get work permit there if soo what should i do for that.

    Please help..............
  14. Hi,
    I am navjot kaur. I got visitor visa this august for 8 years. I arrived canada in the beginning of the September. Then I thought about starting study here hence, i have attempted ielts tests for twice but couldn't score as my requirement. Now i am wondering if I am eligible to apply for a work permit? My husband is a student for the last 5 years. I don't know how to apply for work permit for me as i am on a visitor visa.
    And do i need to go back to india after 6 months? As i am not sure about this because my visa is more than 6 months,which is for 8 years from now.

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