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How long shoud I wait after i submit my medical with Permenant Residency Fee?

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by border9999, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    My docuemnts processed in Nov 2007. They asked me to do IELTS and TEF exams which I submitted in Sep 2008. Couple of weeks ago they informed me that I need to do medical examination, FBI update, some bank balance of the last three months and the Permenant Residency Fee.

    I would like to know is my case is accepted or is not sure yet? and how long it takes for them to issue the passport? is it soon or couple of months?

    I have sent them email they do not respond, hope to hear from you soon,

  2. border9999,
    From what you are saying they have sent you, does that look negative to you? This to me looks very positive as long as you can
    show proof of the requested docs. So just send in the requested Documents/Proof and I am positive that you'll be fine, provided everything is fine with the Medicals and requested Docs. If I were you I'd send them in as quickly as possible and wait.
    Note: I do not think that they issue passports all they issue is the PR.

    This is my personal view. I am NOT an Immigration Expert NOR a Legal Advisor.
  3. Hi BobbyB,

    I have already sent all the documents i mentioned last week, i did medcial two weeks ago, i have also included the Permenant Residence Fee as well...
    I sent an email to ask if they have already received it but no response yet from the Embassy.

    What is PR? can you explain?

    Thanks BobbyB
  4. After medical received, it may take between 2 to 4 months to issue PPR, once PPR is issued, you will receive visa within 1 to 2 week of time, if you are local, you can get the visa next day.
  5. PPR is a passport Request form? is it a document they will send me? and about the visa is going to go in the PPR or in my foreign passport? and when they will issue the Canadian passport itself?
  6. This is a kind of VISA which they"STAMP" on to your foreign passport I think, and is valid for some time period. You and your family, if applicable will need to land with it @ a port of entry ( Airport, Border, seaport):usually Airport, with it to activate it. ( So you become a Landed Immigrant and then you can apply for the PERMANENT RESIDENT CARD and other things.

    Once my visa is issued how long do I have to land in Canada?
    "The Period for which your visa is valid is shown on the visa itself which will be shown in your passport. Permanent Resident visa validity is tied to the validity periods of screening mechanisms, especially the medical exam. Medicals are valid for a period of 1 year only. Generally medicals are issued as a last step in the finalisation of your application. On average you will have between 6 - 9 months to proceed to Canada once your visa has been issued. Please note that you must land in Canada before your visa validity expires as this cannot be extended under any circumstance. If the visa lapses you must apply again."


    I am NOT an Immigration Expert NOR a Legal Advisor.
  7. PPR is a letter from CIC requesting your passport and it stands for Passport Request. This is a formal letter to request you to send your passport to the visa office, the letter itself has no value equivalent to visa. Once received I believe you have 15 days to send your passport and you will find all details in the letter on what to do next.

    You will then send your passports to the mentioned address or take it physically if you are local. They will affix a visa on the passport(s) and then you are set to land.

    The Canadian passports are only issued to Canadian citizens just like any other country, you need to wait to become citizen of Canada to get a Canadian passport, I believe you need to live in Canada for 3 years to get the citizenship and then only you get Canadian passport.

    What you will get with your application now is only Canadian Permanent Resident Card, your passport will remain same until you fulfill the requirement and change the nationality after completion of 3 years lawful living in Canada.
  8. I think now its much clearer to me...thank you so much for your help BobbyB and NewYorker,

    so what I understood is that once i get the PPR (Passport Request) i should send my passport to get the Stamp. so that visa has validity for some time. I should land Canada before it expires and after landing i can only apply for Canadian Permanent Resident Card.

    becoming Canadian Citizen it requires three years out of five years to reside in Canada...that is ok...

    NOw the qeustion is they do not send me Canadian Permanent Resident Card with the visa? or it happens after landing? i have to apply to who? in Canada or in USA Canadian embassy? currently I reside in USA. HOw long that takes to get Canadian Permanent Resident Card? do I have to stay in Canada to get the card? or I can come and go with my visa until i receive the card? i thought after i get visa they will send the Canadian Permanent Resident Card as well..it seems it is complicated...

    the visa has its own validity period, but once I land, how long can I use that visa? because validity period is for landing, but not how long i can enter Canada with that visa after landing?
  9. 1. You PR card will come in the mail when you land in Canada, but you can start working without it once you get the SIN (Social Insurance Number), in other words you don't need to wait for the PR card to arrive in the mail to start working.

    2. You do not need to apply for the PR card, at the port of entry the visa officer will tell you about the procedure, once you give the Canadian address, CIC will mail the PR card to you.

    3. I think it takes 3 to 8 weeks for PR card to arrive in the mail.

    4. You do not need to stay in Canada to get the card, you can give your friend or relative address and they can receive it for you.

    5. You can go and come without the PR card as long as you have the PR visa on your passport, however before leaving the country just ensure with CIC that you can come back on that visa or need something else. It is not complicated and is very simple, looks like you want to leave the country without having your PR card in your hands, you can absolutely do that as long as you have valid passport with valid PR visa on it. In fact some people go back to US same day after landing.
  10. Thanks NewYorker,

    Your explanation is very clear..Now I know all about PR card...

    Let us say that I landed today...after the officer at the board explained me how to get the PR card, and i give them my friends address in Canada...After few weeks i receive the PR card, i hope with PR card I can leave and come to Canada, as I study very close to Canadian border, that is why i need to leave and come back....

    To stay three years in Canada, can I rent a place in Canada and not live there? i have to be physically present there? or another option would be, if I can rent a place very near to US border and everyday I will commute to USA my school and then back that will work? what evidence they need to know that i live there? or another words how would they check if I live in Canada or I just rent a place?

    I have that some people are in USA but they work something out as if they live in Canada...
  11. I don't want to suggest you something which may work or may not. They find out how many days you lived in Canada and depending on that they continue with your PR status or Citizenship. The other option you can see that you can transfer your credit to Canadian university and live and work there.

    If you want to keep your studies in US, you can select the option to live in Canada and commute every day that will count as living in Canada, but I am not sure if there is a fee/toll to cross the bridge or its free. You can also get your PR card, live in the US and complete your education and go back to Canada, make sure you stay 2 years in Canada out of first five years.
  12. NewYorker, I think your answers are very reasonable, it makes total sense...thank you for your quick response...i will see how it works out, when I get my PPR then i will start thinking ...it will work something out i believe:)
  13. When CIC asks you for medicals and updated bank statements and FBI clearance, your case is processed positively, but the background check is still pending.. After they receive everything they requested they will continue with security and background clearnace, which may take up to 6-8 months.

    If you do not receive a response and your medicals are baout to expire, you should send a letter at least two months before it is to expire asking for an update. I am telling you, they have no way to keep track and some times they will forget it is about to expire and you wil find yourself at the Doctor's giving it the second time.

    GUd luck, take care
  14. Hi Helpmeimigrate,

    When you say my case processed positively, does that mean that i passed the minimum requirements of 67 points? and my security and background is still pending...ok, that will not take so much time right? i mean, i have already sent them the FBI clearance update(this is my second time i am doing FBI clearance). This process should take 6-8 months? isn't it too long?

    I do not want to take another medical exam, they should process it before it expires, the medical is valid only for a year..so i guess they should send me PPR in about 2-4 months..

    do you have a case where security and background check takes 6-8 months?
  15. Hello Guys,

    My sister who is residing in the Philippines now applied for Permanent Residence as Federal Skilled Worker in Canada way back December 2004.She already completed all the pertinent documents.Recently she received a letter from Canadian Embassy here in the Philippines last November 2008 stating that she has to wait for the 90 days to confirm if she is still interested to proceed with her application. Last February 1, 2009 the 90 days waiting period already lapsed.So, my question is how many months will it takes to start the processing for her application? or what is the next step for her application? Reply will be highly appreciated.God Bless!

    Have a nice day!

    Mr. Young Red24

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