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How long does it take CPP-O to stamp PR visas?

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by ronaldoyaronaldo, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Mine is taking so long :(

    They received our passports on October 18 and until now the tracker is not yet activated
  2. The PR visa issues only for 1 means single entry visa to Canada, once you arrived and received your PR card then you can travel back multiple times..
  3. anybody did the landing ? what are the documents we need to take for the border crossing ? Please advise Thanks
  4. Anyone waiting for their passports back and planning to do their landing in the coming weeks, as much as possible, please try to avoid doing your landing in the Coutts border or more specifically, please try to avoid having your pr activated by an Officer Bly. I've always prepared myself to be interrogated or be rudely handled by the US border officers but never in my life have I expected that I will encounter a very rude Canadian Border Officer. i was all excited doing the landing process but while going through him... I almost wanted to leave Coutts border and do my landing elsewhere. Nevertheless, I am still very happy to have finally finished this application but from here onwards, I will never ever go back to that border ever again.

    A little advice, when you do your landing, please bring your old and current work permits and if you have a personal copy of your police clearance, bring them as well.
  5. finally got the landing done. thanks to everyone for their help. Anybody know how long does it take to get the PR card ?
  6. congrats Sansglee,

    where did you land at and how was your experience?
  7. elghoids0012,

    can you please shed some light at what was the issue with your landing at COUTTS?
    where would you suggest people living in alberta to do their landing if coutts is not a good option then?

    thanks and congrats.

  8. if you're in Alberta and Coutts is the most accessible then by all means go there.. Just try to avoid an officer named officer Bly. He's an old guy probably in his 50's. There are probably 3 or 4 of them there per shift and if they're not busy then you can choose which officer to approach or you might be luckier, he might be on a day off when you go there. I don't wanna go into details, it was one of those things you wish you could just forget.. the worst part of it is that I didn't really do anything to piss him off. I was just like everyone else, excited and happy to finally get their PR. He kind of gave me an impression that he's not very fond of immigrants and foreign workers which is kind of funny because he's under immigration services. But then again i don't know, he must be having a really rough day that time. Just try to avoid him as much as you can and don't ever let a rude border patroller ruin the experience.
  9. Hi there,

    Is there anybody here still waiting for their passport to comeback from Ottawa? They received mine on October 18 and until now my tracker is not activated yet.
  10. I sent my passports to Ottawa as well. They received it on Oct 18th, but still haven't received it back.
  11. my passport in Ottawa on Oct 11th, and still waiting....!
  12. Mine received on Oct 21st and until now still waiting.
  13. i did my landing at Coutts Alberta. Everything went smoothly. Just please make sure you take all your work permits( including the expired one)
  14. Hi All,

    My passports got delivered to Ottawa on 17th Oct. I used Canada Post for sending & to receive which can be traceable.

    Still my tracker didn't got updated.

    I got to know that these days CIC taking 60 days of time. Is this true?

    From this forum i was expecting my tracker to enabled before 17th Oct, 2013. If someone have any information please share.

    Thanks in Advance.
  15. Anyone else updating this? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AtWqy_Bo1iuidDdoc0NNU3Y1SE5DY0RzbDE3UnBJWHc#gid=0
    Still waiting for my passport...just hit the 2nd week today though (sent on November 5, 2013)

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