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help: Spousal sponsorship in canada class

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by sanpen, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    I am planning to for the spousal sponsorship in-Canada class. Few questions:

    1. Should I do the medical tests before submitting my application or after?
    Also earlier i thought i wud apply from outside canada so i had done medical testing in my own country...can I use that same proof or do I need to get it done in Canada as the forms r a lil different for in-Canada and outside-Canada class.

    2. Nyone here has gone through this process of applying from within Canada.... I got a response saying process takes 12-15 months and to issue work permit it takes 9 months.... anyone has feedback on this.

    3. What exactly is 1st stage approval and do i need to mention it in my application, where exactly?

    urgently waiting for ur reply.....

  2. If you already have a medical, it's valid for 1 year. If you apply for work permit at the same time as the sponsorship, I think you get it at the same time as the first stage approval.
  3. Hi, thx for ur reply.

    doubt is that medical forms for in-canada class and outside-canada class are different. i did my medical tests with the outside canada form in my own country. but now i have decided to apply in-canada class, so will that medical report be valid.

    if not then obviosuly i have to do the tests in canada again. question shud i do the test before i submit my application or after i submit will they give me instruction when to do the medical test.

    thank u...
  4. Spousal sponsorships require that the medical be done and proof included with the application. You should probably get your medical redone in Canada for simplicity sake. The original medical would have been sent to the overseas Regional Medical Center that serves the area where you were originally going to file your application. One question for you tho: what has made you decide to change from outland to inland processing? What country are you from? It's not always required that you file inland just because you are in Canada during processing - so consider this carefully. An outland process is almost always finalized faster, and has the right of appeal. Inland will take between 12-18 months to finalize, but First Stage Approval comes about 4-5 months after you submit your application (if you case is straight-forward).

    Also, you cannot apply for an open work permit with your inland PR application unless you have valid temporary status in Canada at the time CPC-Vegreville receives your inland ap. If you don't have valid temporary status, you'll have to wait until after AIP is issued to apply for a work permit - and your AIP could be delayed because CPC-V will send your application to your local CIC office for processing and you'll be subject to that office's processing timeline. Some local offices are backlogged for over a year. Another reason to consider carefully the differences between inland and outland processing.

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