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Help how to get around from toronto airport to london ontario

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by martha marita, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. Dear All,

    I am trying to find the best and cheapest way to travel from toronto airport to london ontario. Checked the cabs are nearly 55 dollars for single and taking a taxi is way more. By train return 108 dollars. Anybody who knows the easiest way to manuver a round to london ontario as i will be visiting canada in november.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Check out Greyhound Canada to get to London, Ontario from the Toronto area. Here’s the website: http://www.greyhound.ca/en/

    The Standard Price is $70.90 for Roundtrip to London, Ontario, BUT if you purchase your ticket 1 day or 24hrs prior to your departure time, you’ll get the “1 Day Advance Purchase” Discount of $53.50 plus Federal Tax of $3.45 = $56.95 as your Rountrip fare instead.

    CAUTION: You need a credit card with a U.S. or Canadian credit card billing address in order to make an online reservation with Greyhound.

    If you decide to purchase the Greyhound ticket online with someonelse's credit card that has either a U.S. or Canadian billing address, then it means that other than the Federal tax of $3.45, the “Will Call” fee that you pay for picking up your ticket at the Terminal’s Counter will be $15.

    Check out the Greyhound website, put in your tentative dates; Just type Toronto in the “From” field and London, ON in the “To” field. When you continue, it will ask you to choose your exact location from the drop-down menu for Toronto – leave it as it is – Toronto.

    Do NOT choose Toronto Airport Term 3 or Toronto Pearson Int’l Airport because these two stations have very limited services.

    In order to get away from Toronto heading for London, ON, you MUST board the Greyhound bus at their 610 Bay Street Terminal, which is about 24 minutes away by driving time from the Airport.

    So, in your case, you might end up purchasing your ticket WITH CASH or TRAVELLER'S CHEQUES at the Bus Terminal's counter when you arrive in Toronto. However, in order to save money and pay $56.95 instead of $70.90, you will need to purchase your Greyhound ticket 24 hrs in advance of your departure time from Toronto heading for London, ON.

    How Do You Get from Pearson International Airport to The Greyhound Terminal on Bay Street?

    You will need to take the Toronto Airport Express Shuttle that is run by Pacific Western Transportation to the Greyhound Bus Terminal. Check out the website: http://www.torontoairportexpress.com/

    Roundtrip fare for the Airport Shuttle is $29.25 if you do not purchase it online. There’s a 10% web discount when you purchase the Shuttle’s ticket online. The website for the Toronto Airport Express Shuttle accepts international credit cards together with your flight information.

    So, if you purchase your Greyhound Roundtrip Ticket from the Bus Terminal at least 24 hours in advance of your departure time, you will pay $53.50 plus the Federal Tax of 3.45, which totals at $56.95.

    Add the $56.95 to $29.25 (i.e. the Non-Web Roundtrip ticket from Airport and back to Airport upon your return plus any applicable Federal taxes) = a little over $86.20 for your grand total roundtrip fare to and from London, ON.

    *** Bear in mind that if you purchase the Toronto Airport Express Shuttle ticket online, it will be cheaper that $29.95; thus, making your grand total less than $86.20 ***

    If you decide to do your trip to London, ON this way, your Roundtrip grand total fare to London, ON and back to Airport upon your return will be well under $90 CDN.

    *** Check the Airport Shuttle’s website FAQs for where to go to catch the Shuttle once you’re deplaned.***
    *** If you buy the Shuttle's ticket online, be certain you board the Shuttle that you bought the ticket for. ***

    If you have folks that you can visit with in Toronto at least for a day or two, it just might work out perfectly for you with regard to taking advantage of Greyhound's "1 Day Advance Purchase."

  3. wow thanks alot! this is very handy. i have booked for $51 return

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