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Getting married in the philippines - Questions

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by DaveSav, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. Hi folks,

    I will be getting married in the Philippines in December of this year. I think i have a pretty good idea of what we need to get done and was hoping someone could verify I'm not missing anything, or if my info is incorrect for my side of the equation anyway.

    When i first arrive in Manilla I will need to get an Affidavit of Marital Status from the embassy there. To do this I will need to pay the fee and present my passport and a long form birth certificate. Is there anything else required?

    Once we get the affidavit (which should be the same day?) we will travel to Butuan and apply for a marriage certificate, which I believe takes 12 consecutive days in Butuan (can anyone confirm?). Hopefully this isn't business days.

    For this process or the visa process after I've read in a few places that you need to have your long form birth certificate notarized or translated, I've also read you don't. Can anyone who has been through this process confirm this for me?

    I's sure i'll have additional questions on this process and the visa process as we move along.

    Thanks in advance for your help,
  2. For the requirements for the affidavit please check this website: http://www.canadainternational.gc.ca/philippines/consular_services_consulaires/marriage-mariage.aspx?lang=eng&view=d

    I believe it is 10 business days before the marriage license is issued.
  3. Hi there! Yes the Legal Capacity to Marry can be obtained in the Canadian Embassy in Manila within the same day also. When my husband got his
    certification it only took 15 minutes or less.
    You don't need to provide them a notarized or translated birth certificate if its in English or French already. I remember my husband didn't provide the long form birth certificate. I think its just a 1/8 piece of paper wherein his birth details are written. If your divorce you need to provide them a copy of of certificate of divorce.

    The marriage license is issued within 10 working days after you have attended the pre-nuptial seminar conducted by local civil registry also.
  4. Hi I just get married Last June 25,
    Im from cebu city but The consulate in cebu city was not here.
    So we travelled to manila and we go to Canadian Embassy just go there
    as early as posibble coz there's to many people in the line. First come first serve basis.
    The Certificate of Legal Capacity takes only 15mins. Make sure when u go there u dont bring any cellphone, cameras or any gadgets there very strict with that.
    U just need a divorce paper if ur divorce or death cert. if ur widowed.
    Bring also the receipt for that coz they would check. Your passport and you just pay certain amount peso or dollar.
    =In ur fiancee side. She needs both Cert. of Non Marriage or CENOMAR from both of u. They check if u had been married before here or ur gf.
    =NSO birth cert. of ur gf.
    = Barangay Clearance
    = Divorce paper/death cert. for u
    =Photo copy of ur passport ur latest arrival before and after u meet.
    front cover too.
    = Both of u must attend a one day seminar depends to the place im from cebu
    me and my husband attend that boring seminar. He never understand anything they speak in my language so its pretty tiring and boring for him. But he was sweet and wait.
    = then after seminar if u dont want to waste time u can apply directly
    theres alot of form to fill up so make sure everything is write down correctly.
    =10bussines or non working days. but try to ask coz where from diff. cities
    u can inquire too they give u a receipt and they will write down the date u need
    to pick up the licensed. Then u decide which judge u want..
    Happy Wedding Advanced
  5. Dont forget ur Birth Certificate too.
    it doesnt matter as long as theres english on it. tHEY DOnt look for translated ur birth cert. is written on English not a problem.
  6. I'll be brief with our experience as it relates to the Canadian spouse-to-be requirements and without repeating like information from other posts:
    - I did not need 'long form birth certificate', (I have wallet sized original)
    - you can take camera/cell phone, they will simply keep if for you while you are inside,
    - we paid an 'ahem' "express fee" at the municipal office for them to issue M certificate in 5 days,
    - we were not required to attend a seminar of any sort,
  7. Hi Dave,

    We got the certificate of Legal Capacity 2 years ago. I ordered the new birth certificate which arrived in under 2 weeks. The new birth certificate worked fine, and I also presented my passport. We were in there for about 2 hours. Then you will apply for a marriage licence in Butuan. You may have to attend some classes.
    Now there are some things you can do to expedite getting your marriage certificate afterwards. I'm not sure what exactly that is, but I heard if you don't see to it the certificate can take 6 months to get, in Filipino time.
    Best wishes for your wedding!
  8. hi dave.

    hope this helps you... my wife is a canadian and we get married last may of this year...

    these are the things that we did so that our marriage will be recognized both here in the phil and canada.

    first, we go to the canadian embassy (for us we did it in cebu as it is closer from where we live) for her to get the Legal Capacity to Marry
    which is one of the requirement to apply for marriage license. all you need to bring is your passport and birth certificate. (if you are divorced
    you need to bring the divorce cert and death cert if you are widowed.)
    then we go to the municipal hall to apply for our marriage license where they gave us list of requirement which i gave them like birth cert, cenomar and clearance from the barangay (community) where i reside.
    for my wife, they just ask for the legal capacity to marry and her passport and birth cert.
    and for us, since we get married in a catholic church, we forward the documents that the municipal gave us after we complied all the requirements
    to the church office. we then attended the seminar called pre-cana and of course pay the fees .

    hope this gave you some preview of what you need to do...
  9. Thanks for all the great replies everyone, this helps a lot. I really appreciate it!
  10. Hi I am a filipino permanent card holder here in Canada. I am divorced with my filipino husband. I am marrying my fiancee in the Philippines. What are the things that i need to get marry? Is the Canadian embassy in the Philippines will ask for some documentations?

    Your reply is very well appreciated.


  11. The experts here will want more detailed information from you to answer your enquiry accurately. But I'll start things off, you are both Philippine Citizens right? It seems to me that your marriage over there will be of no concern to the Canadian Embassy. Why do you feel you must involve them?
  12. if your previous marriage was in canada, then you need a divorced certificate... BUT if it was in the phil, then you cannot as phil doesn't legalized divorce...
  13. Thanks for your reply but getting annulled in the Philippines will cost too much money. Is there any options i can do to make this marriage possible?


  14. no option for marriage if thats the case.. just apply for conjugal sponsorship...
  15. Thanks for your reply Dolfan,

    How to apply for conjugal sponsorship?


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