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Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by satha73, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. Dear All,

    Since the documents that we are submitting differs region to region and always there is a confussion of how to proceed further.For example i learnt that the education curriculum is different in srilanka than india.So all question regarding work experience,education etc etc of all SRILANKANS who had applied under FSW can post your queries here and the experts can answer
  2. i would like to know how i can get a srilanka police clearance certificate as i am residing in dubai,how long does it take? someone please answer.
  3. Hi

    Follow the instructions here: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/security/police-cert/asia-pacific/sri-lanka.asp

  4. hi PMM the link you provided does not specify any time frame can you advice the time frame to get a police clearance certificate from srilanka
  5. Hi

    Sorry, my crystal ball is cloudy today. contact the local Sri Lankan embassy and ask.

  6. Hey mentos!!!

    Being my first post on this forum, I am very much pleased to help you out.

    I have applied for HSMP visa by 2007 and I have also undergone with police clearance certificate requirement of the CIC.

    But in my case, since I am living in SL I have to visit my local police station with all required documents. I hope you might have known the requirements with the link provided by PMM.

    So to answer the question about time frame, I must say it is really tricky and unpredictable as with any other work from SL government department. It takes about 3 months in average case, but in case you have lived on different places of the country and your application has to go through different police stations to get individual clearances, things might get really delayed. The whole problem is there is no centralised system. They do everything manually.

  7. Let me use this thread to post some ANSWERS specific to Sri Lankan applicants, instead of questions.

    How to obtain Police Clearance in Sri Lanka.

    For Sri Lankan citizens living in Sri Lanka/abroad,

    1. Go to http://www.police.lk/divisions/clearence_ready.asp and download the application form and the instruction guide.
    2. Read the guide thoroughly and fill the application form
    3. Take the completed application, LKR 500 as the payment for PCC, a copy of NIC or passport, and one Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE) with stamps sufficient for a registered letter (currently LKR 30) to Police Headquarters, Colombo 11.

    Police Headquarters is located between Technical College Junction and CTB Bus Stand in Pettah. There is a special counter for PCC applications. They will accept the application, give you a reciept with a reference number written on top right corner. Do not lose this because you will need this reference number to check the status of your application.

    In case if you forget to take the SASE or PP copy, don't worry. There are few shops across the road, which have readymade envelopes and photocopy machines at your service.

    There is NO NEED for the applicant to go there in person. If the applicant is abroad, somebody else can take the documents on behalf of you to the Police HQ and submit. They will not ask whether its yours or not. If you are in Dubai, for example you can get a friend to submit it for you.

    Once the application is submitted, the Police HQ will check your details with:

    1. Police stations of all the areas you have lived in
    2. Central Investigations Bureau
    3. State Intelligence Service
    4. Department of Registration of Persons
    5. Ministry of Defence (if required)

    If you do not get a reply in 6 weeks time, please call them. The phone number is given in the reciept. DO NOT visit them. The cops in the counter will not know the status. They will tell you whether there is a problem or not with your clearance, ONLY if you call them. For example, if you have lived in Dematagoda police area and if they have not recieved information from Dematagoda police, they will let you know. Then you can go to Dematagoda police station and find out why.

    It is also possible to check the PCC status online from http://www.police.lk/divisions/clearnce_certificate/Clearence_Certificate.asp

    Contrary to the popular belief, the police department in Sri Lanka is computerized. I got to know that the average time period taken for a PCC is between 3 weeks to 1 month. But this will change according to the number of areas you have lived in (for example, I have lived in 4 different police areas since the age of 18) and whether you have made any mistakes in the application.

    For Non Sri Lankan Citizens who have lived in Sri Lanka but living abroad now:

    1. Go to http://www.police.lk/divisions/clearence_ready.asp and download the application form and the instruction guide.
    2. Read the guide thoroughly and fill the application form
    3. Hand it over to the nearest Sri Lankan High Commission or post it to Inspector General of Police, Police Headquarters, Colombo 11, Sri Lanka with a draft or Cheque equivalent to the sum of Sri Lanka Rs. 1000/= to A/C No. 007041413 payable at Taprobane Branch, Bank of Ceylon, Colombo 01, Sri Lanka.

    Please note that PCC obtained from your local police station is no longer valid for immigration purposes. They are valid for use within Sri Lanka only.

    I have gone thru this exact process and faced some issues but I got the PCC. So this is based purely on my experience and information in www.police.lk website.

    In Sri Lanka, there are two main organizations, which offer IELTS. One is the British Council and the other one is ACBT.

    The British Council is located at Alfred House Avenue (Phone 0117512512) and ACBT is located not-so-far-away (Galle Road, near McDonalds, Colpetty) - phone 0112561111

    Personally, I recommend the British Council, because:

    1. Once you register for IELTS, you get access to the library free until the exam date + 2 weeks
    2. You can also attend the IELTS preparation seminar free
    3. The British Council also provides some preparation material (I found them to be most valuable) through a web link maintained by the British Council.

    I believe that ACBT also provides access to material but their resources are limited.


    I have heard some (probably nonsense) stories about one being easier than the other. I honestly don't think that a global standard exam will be easy in one center and difficult in the other center.

    As for the spoken exam, in BC it is almost always conducted by British and not by Sri Lankans. They are British teachers in Sri Lankan schools and institutes. Therefore, please ensure that you are familiar with the British accent. I don't have an idea about ACBT's spoken exams but its most probably conducted by Australians.

    From September 2009, Canada High Commission in Colombo has moved to a new location. They say this is temporary.

    Old Location:
    No. 7, Gregory's Road, Colombo -7

    NEW Location:
    No. 33A, 5th Lane, Colombo - 3

    From Duplication Road, 5th Lane is located about 50m away from Mahanama College.
    From Galle Road, 5th Lane is located near Caltex building/Abans show room

    The HC building is very prominent to the road.

    The visa office specific instruction forms for CHC-COLOMBO are located in the link below:



    For you, your spouse or common-law partner:
    • Post-secondary education documents: vocational or technical certificates or
    • College or university documents: certification of completion and the
    graduation degree, diploma, or certificate issued by the college or university and
    the evaluation committee;
    • Transcripts: original transcripts of all degrees must be submitted in universitysealed
    • Professional qualifications certificates: notarized professional qualifications
    certificates should be submitted if available. (e.g., Engineer, Computer
    Programmer, Accountant, Economist, Translator/Interpreter, Architect etc.)

    For you and your spouse or common-law partner:
    • notarized employment contracts from your present and past employers,
    accompanied by an English or French translation
    • original and up-to-date letters of reference from your past and current employers.
    Letters must be written on company letterhead and show the company’s full
    address, telephone and fax numbers, and be stamped with the company’s official
    Letters must include all of the following information:
    • the specific period of your employment with the company
    • the positions you have held during the period of employment and the time spent
    in each position
    • your main responsibilities and duties in each position
    • your total annual salary plus benefits
    • the signature of your immediate supervisor or the personnel officer of the
    • a business card of the person signing
    If you cannot provide a reference from your current employer, provide a
    written explanation.

    For CHC Colombo, it is generally not a big hassle to show your financial ability. The current required amount of settlement funds for an individual is approx C$ 11,000 (as at October, 2009)

    The up to date funding requirement is given in this link:



    The only requirement for CHC is that funds should be unencumbered. But they will not probe about how you have obtained the funds. So don't worry about the source of funds.

    Funds can be shown in several ways:

    1. Your up to date bank statements (there is no specific requirement for the number of months of bank statements required. Some say 3 months, some say 6 months)

    2. Letter from a bank/financial institution certifying bank balance for a specific date (a statement such as "I certify that Mr. so-and-so has a balance of LKR XXXXXXX in his account on XX/XX/XXXX" is enough. There's no need to say that this money has been maintained in the account for XXX months!

    3. Certified photocopies of your passbooks


    You can use your EPF balance as proof of funds. For that, you need to get a letter from EPF Department located in Central Bank, Colombo 1 certifying the balance. This is perfectly acceptable

    According to the Sri Lankan law, banks cannot disclose a person's account details to a third party, without a court order. So CHC cannot call your bank and ask whether Mr. XXX has maintained the money for X months. The only thing they can check from the bank is whether the letter/statements provided from you to CHC is genuine or fake.

    I have no idea whether valuation reports for property/vehicles can be used as proof. If anybody has that experience, pls add to this thread.

    The above statements are based purely on my personal experience and information in www.cic.gc.ca website.
  12. hi,
    hey guys do you have any idea abt this. noc 5231. announcers and broadcasters. my job comes under this category. bt it was there in 2006 noc list not any more in 2011 one. do you hav any suggestion as to what sould i do to migrate to canada.

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