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Exporting Car at Lewiston Bridge

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by CeeGee, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. Thanks Allison & Heather.
  2. Holy cow! Maybe Alberta is the place to be! LOL
  3. I will have to chime in since things have changed from the last time I called the Lewiston Bridge custom. I am landing next week and I am preparing to export/import my vehicle as well. I hope this information will help some people who are in the same situation.

    I called US customs at Lewiston Bridge (716-282-1500) and the recorded message told me to call the vehicle export information office at 716-843-8359.
    According to them, we must e-mail them 72 hours prior to exporting the vehicle and receive a confirmation e-mail back (which needs to be present at the time of export for some reason).

    You will need to e-mail at this addres >> Buffalovinnyoffice@dhs.gov
    In the e-mail you must include the descriptions of your vehicle (i.e. Make, Model, and VIN #). With in a couple of hours you will receive the e-mail saying this:

    This e-mail response serves as your confirmation that CBP has received your vehicle export information. You may export the vehicle 72 hours from receipt of this e-mail during regular business hours.
    Business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We are closed on all U.S. federal holidays. This Office will be closed on December 24th, 2010 and December 31st, 2010.
    The Lewiston Bridge is the only place to export a vehicle in Western New York.
    Vehicles for export may not be brought to Canada prior to being formally exported by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Failure to comply with the requirements set forth in 19 CFR 192.2 may result in a penalty action.
    Things required at time of vehicle export:
    The vehicle which is to be exported.
    Original title. Vehicles that have no title, (ex: snowmobiles, ATV’s, backhoes, forklifts, etc) must present a registration and/or bill of sale. Registration and/or bill of sale serves as your ownership (title). This requirement varies from state to state. It is your responsibility to determine what that state’s ownership requirements are.
    WHTI compliant identification for yourself and all parties with you. Please refer to the following website for information on WHTI compliant identification: http://www.getyouhome.gov/
    Lien release if a lien is present on the vehicle. Note: This can be done by having the finance company sign off on the original title itself (along with the finance company’s stamp) or an original letter from the finance company indicating that the lien is released. For those vehicles that are still being financed, you may present a certified copy of the title, along with an original letter from the finance company that states that the vehicle can be exported.
    This printed, e-mail confirmation including your original message to CBP.
    Additional information can be obtained via the Vehicle Export information line (716)843-8359.
    All questions must be directed to buffalovinnyoffice@dhs.gov.

    Thank you,
    Vehicle Export Office
    Field Operations
    US Customs and Border Protection
    1 Lewiston Plaza
    Lewiston, NY 14092
    Phone: (716) 282-1500 option 3 (emergencies only)
    Phone: (716) 843-8359 (information line only)
    Fax: (716) 285-3565
  4. Thanks for updating us on the process, michaelab. Do you suppose it is safe to assume that someone wishing to export can still drop off the documents in person?
  5. I am not sure but I assume so too. However, they must submit the documents 72 hrs prior to exporting and the vehicle must stay in the country for that long...which makes me worry that I won't be going back to the states til Friday morning! ("technically" it's 72 hrs before but if they mean "business days" then I am in trouble!..but nothing else I can do now) ???

    Btw I am glad they finally have a phone line to explain what to do! I hated to call them to have them call me back!
  6. The requirement that the vehicle stay in the US for those 72 hours must be new as well. I submitted my papers to the export office when I landed in Nov 09, but didn't actually export it for several months later. I had no problems driving the vehicle back and forth a couple times during that period.
  7. Just an update: I brought my vehicle thru Lewiston Bridge with no problem. They only checked my papers and not really my vehicle. It only took like a couple of minutes on the US side and 5-10 mins on Canadian side. Everything went smoothly. The export building on the US side was somewhat harder to find but I asked someone outside and I had no problem after that. For those who are going to be exporting/importing, make sure to have all the documents (i.e. registration, lien release letter from the bank, and an e-mail from the Lewiston bridge US custom..read my post above).

    Now that I paid RIV fee online..I am confused on what I need to do next... ??? ??? Anyone with suggestions? Am I suposed to wait for form 2 in the mail or e-mail? What do I need to do with the Vehicle import form (form1)? Hmmmm...things are never very clear!
  8. Congrats on a smooth process at the border, michaelab.

    From what I remember the next steps are getting the modifications done. Do you have the recall clearance letter yet? Once the mods are done and you have the RIV form you can get the inspections done. I think you have 90 days to accomplish this but I'm not sure. The letter from RIV will tell you. When all that is done and you have proof of insurance (I used my US proof) you can get it registered and get your plates from motor vehicles. I don't remember how RIV knew when I finished (if I mailed/faxed them stuff or what) but they will send you an import sticker to put in your driver's side door panel.

    If you need clarification on this I kept all my paperwork and can did through it for any forgotten steps. Allison
  9. Thanks!!

    How do I obtain the RIV form? I have form 1 (Vehicle Import Form)...is form 2 an inspection form?

    Sadly I do not have the recall clearance letter yet. I have called my auto manufacturer and the vehicle has one recall but they don't have the parts yet to fix the problem (somehow they always say they don't have the parts!) :mad: I wonder how should I go about this. I will call the local dealer tomorrow to see if they have gotten them in since it has been 3+weeks last time we called. It is so frustrating !

  10. Hi
    I was going through the forum and figured that mine is a similar issue as the topic of discussion here. I moved from US to Canada through Queenston-Lewiston bridge in Jun this year.

    I want to export my car (which still has US title and plates) to Canada the correct way. I drove the car across the border, so I have the car with me here in Toronto but I wasn't aware of the 72-hour vehicle export process.

    My situation is a little different.

    I was on H1B visa in the US and moved to Toronto in Jun this year to work for another employer in Canada.

    I drove my car from US to Canada and while crossing the border, did not come across any US check post. I was not aware of the 72 hour vehicle export process and so I missed to do this on my part. When I entered Canada, they told me that I have to get in touch with the US Customs to complete my 72-hour vehicle export process.

    I was on work visa, so it technically would not let me re-enter US on H1B when I was no more working for that employer in US. I have recently applied for a Visitor's visa (B1/B2) to come to the US and complete the vehicle export process the right way.

    The person on the phone at the Census Bureau told me that since I have an SSN, I could initiate the vehicle export process by creating EEI and sending my ITN details to the border I intend to drive my car.

    My question to you are -

    1. I am planning to come over the Labor Day weekend to be inside the US for 72 hours and get the car export done. Will the 72 hour include the weekends Sat-Sun and the Labor Day Monday as well?

    2. Is it alright for me to drive in US with my car, for which the export process has been started while I am still in Canada? I have all the original documents and papers with me.
    I do not want to raise a flag by not doing things the correct way. Please advise as this would be crucial for me to complete the process.

    3. If I initiate the process today by sending my car details including the ITN, when will my car be eligible for export at the border.

    4. Will I face any challenges or issues when I cross the border while entering US from Canada. I am coming in to the US just to complete the car exportation process in the right way and legally.
    While entering US from Canada and when I already have initiated filing the EEI and sent my VIN#, Make, Model, Year and ITN# details to the border customs, I don't want them to misunderstand me and think that I stole my own car :).

    P.S. I have all original documents related to my car.

    I would be really grateful if someone can help. I am planning to do this over the Labor day weekend.
    Thanks in advance!
  11. nikkiD,

    Were you able to export your car? What process did you follow?

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