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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by badhet, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. its kinda sad that CIC-Manila is now being so slow... so bad i thought I could spend Christmas with my hubby.. :(

    Till now there's no changes on my application...

    Why it take so long??
  2. Same here either but my wife's PR status was change to "In Process" though actually it was changed last Nov 9. We're hoping that she will receive letter from cic-manila this week.

    anybody who sponsor their husband/wife from the Philippines. Please join this forum. Hope you guys having a good news by now!
  3. @jomar..

    my PR status changd into IN PROCESS just now.. it said that they start processing my application last Nov. 12...

    woohooo AOR is next dude dont worry...
  4. hello guys!

    I am senior among you, ( dapat mag mano kayo sa akin Lol! )
    Nov. 19, 2008 started they process my PR application. until not yet received notice for medical exam,
    i am now ! yr old this month, good to see here guys. i do hope u dont wait so long as i am
    but i'm still hoping for the positive result of my application.
    God bless u all

  5. hi kua edwin,

    i have read your post.. by the way keep your hopes high.. your kids will gonna see there mom very soon...

    have you contcted your MP??? they might help you..

    dont worry i'll include you in my prayers...
  6. ei guys, One good news my wife had this morning. She received her aor letter together with passport request but she may pass it tomorrow then. Thanks GOD.

    For Badhet: You will receive your aor and passport request next week. 100% sure.

    For kuya Edwin: All the things will be fine. Just keep hoping. Just pray every single day!!!

    keep posting here anyone who sponsor their love once from the Philippines!
  7. congrats jomar!!!
    and to my little sis badhet, thanks for your prayers
    hope you guys that we have a wonderful Christmas gift from CIC manila,
    God bless us all and keep on posting for the Updates.

  8. @ jomar..

    yep im xpecting my AOR next week or early this week (cross finger).....

    @ kua edwin...

    as per reading some forum.. you may request CAIPS enable for you to have an idea on wats happening on your application...

    hope this helps... lets keep our hopes high kua...

  9. @ badhet:
    where can i find help to MP?
    and yes i told to my wife yesterday to order caips note,
  10. kua edwin,

    here's ours... try to search ur MP

  11. Hello,

    I've just registered today and i'm happy that there are lots of spouses like me waiting for the approval of their spousal visa appl. I would like to share my timeline:

    August 27, 2009 - Mississauga office received our sponsorship appl
    September 24, 2009- Sponsorship application was approved.
    October 16, 2009 - Permanent residence appl was changed to "in process"
    October 20,2009 - received request for my orig. passport and advisory of marriage
    (letter dated oct. 16 '09)
    October 21, 2009 - husband received RPR fee request
    November 3, 2009 - embassy received my passport and advisory of marriage

  12. hi spicegirl,

    wat visa office is yours??
  13. Hi Badhet,

    My spousal appl is now at the Manila visa office. I am hoping that my status in e-cas will change from "in process" to "decision made"
  14. it will spicegirl... so soon.... :D
  15. @ badhet:

    which postal code? my wife in canada? coz i dont find here in the box if i will used Davao city

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